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Q: Was Patrick Henry a rebel
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What was Patrick Henry's contribution to the revolution?

He influenced many colonists to rebel against British rule

Who are Patrick Henry's parents?

John Henry and Sarah Henry.. Patrick Henry is the great-grandson of the first Patrick Henry!!!

What is Patrick Henry's first name?

Patrick not Ronald, well they named Patrick Henry after his father John Henry's brother (Patrick Henry's uncle) Patrick.

Was there a Patrick Henry Jr?

Son of Patrick Henry

Is Patrick Henry single?

No, Patrick Henry is not single.

What is Henry Patrick's full name?

Are you sure you don't mean 'Patrick Henry'? If so it was Patrick James Henry.

What is Patrick Henry's full name?

Are you sure you don't mean 'Patrick Henry'? If so it was Patrick James Henry.

Did Patrick Henry have kids?

Patrick Henry had 17 kids!!!

Where was Patrick Henry from?

Virginiawell what i know is that Patrick Henry from Virginia

When did Patrick Henry get married?

Patrick Henry married to Sarah Shelton in 1754 Patrick Henry married to Dorothea Dandridge in 1777

Was Patrick Henry sad or happy when he said the speech?

Patrick Henry

What did Patrick Henry use?

Patrick Henry used politics and peace.

Where did Patrick Henry go to college?

Patrick Henry did not attend a college.

Were did Patrick Henry live?

Patrick Henry lived in Hanover, Virginia.

What was Patrick Henry's school called?

Patrick Henry High School

Was Patrick Henry rich or poor?

Patrick Henry was a wealthy Virginian.

What did Patrick Henry look like?

What did Patrick Henry look like

Why did the colonists want to rebel against England?

The colonists wanted to rebel against England because of many acts passed on them, such as the Intolerable Acts. There was also lots of taxes on the colonists. "No taxation without representation." ~Patrick Henry

Who was Patrick henry-?

Patrick Henry was the governor of Virginia twice. He was also a founding father of America.

Was Patrick Henry an Anti-Federalist?

Yes, Patrick Henry was an anti federalist

Supporters of Patrick Henry?

One supporter of Patrick Henry was Benjamen Rush.

Where did patrick henry grow up at?

well what i know is that Patrick Henry from Virginia

What was Patrick Henry's full name?

His full name is Patrick James Henry.

What age did Patrick Henry die?

Patrick Henry died at age 63.

When was Patrick Henry's funeral?

Patrick Henry died on June 6, 1799.