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Was Pope Shenuda III the longest serving Pope?

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Pope Victor III died of natural causes in 1087. Pope Urban III succeeded him. Pope Victor III became pope in 1085.

There is no pope George III.

Pope Anastasius III reigned after Sergius III from April 911 until June 913.

Governor John Henry Hoeven III the longest serving curent Governor in the US.

Yes, he was- he reigned from 1760 to 1820, for just under 60 years.

Pope Sylvester III was born in 1000.

Pope Sylvester III died in 1062.

Pope Nicholas III was born in 1210.

Pope Stephen III was born in 720.

Pope Anastasius III died in 913.

Pope Felix III died in 492.

Pope Innocent III was born in 1160.

Pope Eugene III was born in 108#.

Pope Leo III was born in 750.

Pope Adrian III died in 885.

Pope Victor III was born in 1026.

Pope Lucius III was born in 1100.

Pope Gregory III was born in 690.

Pope Celestine III was born in 1106.

Pope Honorius III was born in 1148.

Pope Alexander III was born in 1100.

The Crusades were launched by Pope Urban II, not Pope Urban III.

Pope Stephen IV was chosen after the death of Pope Leo III.

Pope Alexander III was pope in 1170.

There has been no Pope John Paul III.