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Was Portugal neutral during WW1?

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well, I'm portuguese and I'm now studying ww1 at history and i can tell you that we were in the war and we were fighting side by side with the french and british :) we entered in 1916 and got out in the end of it ...

although our presence in the war wasn't great a war is a war :/

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Was Portugal allies during WW1?


Was Portugal neutral allied or axis powers during world war 2?

Portugal was neutral

What neutral country was invaded during WW1?

Neutral Belgium was invaded during the first days of the war.

Was Portugal neutral during World War 1?

Yes No

Who allied with Switzerland during WW1?

Pretty sure Switzerland remained neutral.

Which European countries remained neutral during the war?

Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the Vatican remained neutral during the war.

What are countries called who remained neutral during the war?

They are called neutral nations. These countries were neutral during World War 2: Spain, Norway, Portugal, Ireland, and Switzerland.

What countries were neutral in 1939?

Switzerland, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Sweden were the neutral countried during 1939 and beyond.

Why was America neutral during WW1?

They didn't wont to get involved in war and lose there people

When did Uruguay join WW1?

Never, Uruguay remained neutral during the whole conflict.

Who did Norway fight with in WW1?

None. Norway was a neutral country during World War 1.

Was Romania an allied power or central power or neutral?

During the WW1 Romania was an allied country.

Who were the neutral nations in world war 1?

Spain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Albania where all neutral during WW1

Who did Portugal fight with in world war ll?

Portugal was neutral during World War II so didn't fight anyone.

What countries remained neutral during ww2?

Switzerland, Portugal, Ireland, Spain, and Sweden.

Why did Portugal remain neutral during world war 1?

Portugal did not remain neutral. Portugal entered the war in 1914 on the Allied side, but like Russia and Italy was forced to drop out before the war ended. The Miracle of Fatima allegedly took place in Portugal in 1917 after Portugal withdrew from the war.

What three countries remained neutral during World War 2?

Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Sweden, and Switzerland are some of the countries that stayed neutral during WW2

Which european nations remained neutral during ww2?

Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal.

Which European countries were neutral during World War 1?

Switzerland, Netherlands(holland), Portugal

How do you use nuetral in a sentence?

Portugal was neutral during WWII.

Was Serbia neutral in WW1?

Absolutely not!

What were the neutral powers in ww1?

who was the neutralpowers

Bulgaria's role in WW1?

to be neutral

What Was Spain's Role In ww1?

Spain was neutral during World War I. They did not fight, but did sell supplies to both sides.

Who was on britain's side during WW1?

Its empire, the Russian empire, Canada, Italy, the Empire of Japan, Portugal, USA and France.

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