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Was Selena Gomez jealous when Justin Bieber made his new music video boyfriend?


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No she was actually normal about it

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yes selena does have a boyfriend named justin bieber

He is not jealous he is happy that Selena is dating JUstin who is her perfect match.

No, Justin Bieber is not related to Selena Gomez. They are boyfriend and girlfriend.

justin bieber did not try to make selena gomez jelous. Justin always has girls in his music videos. selena gomez does not like a guy from 1D ..

Justin Bieber is her boyfriend

he had broke up with selena so thay's why he wrote boyfriend song

Justin bleck oops Justin bieber

No! Justin Bieber is Selena Gomez's Boyfriend

Her recent boyfriend is Justin Bieber

No. Justin Bieber is dating Selena Gomez.

yes, Justin BieberYES!!!!!! it is Justin Bieber!

no. justin bieber has a girlfriend named selena gomez

Justin Bieber I think!

Selena Gomez is not married but.... she does have a boyfriend : Justin bieber

Because selena hang out with justin all day.

justin bieber is currently going out with selena gomez. though i wish he was mine!

Justin bieber is aisha's boyfriend

No! Definitely not! She has a boyfriend, Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez's boyfriend currently is the new teen sensation, Justin Bieber.

Lots of people are jealous of her because all they care about is Justin bieber

Well, some Justin Bieber fans that have a huge crush on Justin are really jealous and they started sending death threats to Selena. I feel bad 4 her.

Selena's boyfriend is Justin Bieber as of 2011.They started dating in early Summer. P.S you spelt boyfriend wrong. selena doesnt have a boyfriend now as her and justin bieber have now split up

Hangs out with her boyfriend Justin Bieber.

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