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yes, he was he was really brave and powerful in life..

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How is sitting bull brave?

hi , why won't yall answer my question why! why! why!

What is sitting bull's mothers name?

Her name was Holy Door.Holy Door was a brave and beautiful women she watched over Sitting Bull. And Sitting Bull got his name from his father!

When did sitting bull live?

sitting bull did sleep on wood

What does sitting bull mean?

what does sitting bull mean

Why did sitting bull become famous?

Because in the war he was the leader of the attack and he was so brave that he punch a enemy and all the enemies runaway.

What effect did sitting bull have on the world?

what effect did sitting bull have on America

How did sitting bull get the name sitting bull?

From his father he was named, Tȟatȟaŋka Iyotȟaŋka, translated as "Sitting Bull". Lakota language for. "described an intractable buffalo bull, sitting on its haunches, resolute in the face of danger."

What date was chief sitting bull born at?

what date was sitting bull born on

Was sitting bull an african-American?

No. Sitting Bull was a native American.

What tribe was Chief Sitting Bull from?

Sitting Bull was apart of the Sioux Tribe.

Which Indian tribe did Sitting Bull be long to?

sitting bull belonged to the Sioux

When was Sitting Bull College created?

Sitting Bull College was created in 1973.

Was sitting bull the chief or was crazy horse?

No it sitting bull and crazy horse were not the leaders.

How many kids did chief sitting bull have?

sitting bull hade 3 kids

What kind of type was sitting bull?

Sitting bull and his family were members of the Teton Soiux.

Was Sitting Bull a chief?

Yes. Many looked up to chief Sitting Bull.

What is the duration of Sitting Bull film?

The duration of Sitting Bull - film - is 1.75 hours.

What year did sitting bull die?

Chief Sitting Bull died on 15 December 1890.

Where is Sitting Bull College located?

Sitting Bull College is located in the state of North Dakota.

What is the relationship of Viola Bull to Sitting Bull?


Where did sitting bull live?

sitting bull lived along the grand rivers which is now south Dakota

Who were sitting bull and Crazy Horse?

Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse were Sioux who fought at Little Bighorn.

How many wars did sitting bull win?

sitting bull has won 4 wars before his death

What tribe was the sitting bull a part of?

Sitting Bull was part of the Sioux (soo) tribe of American natives.

What was Sitting Bull's father's name?

Sitting Bull was named Jumping Badger at birth. Later he was called by one of his father's names- Sitting Bull.