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Sitting Bull (1831-1890) was a Sioux Indian tribal chief. He played a key role in Rec Cloud's War, and later led a resistance against the US government.

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Sitting Bull

Who did Sitting Bull defeat at the Battle of the Little Bighorn?

General George Custer's 7th Cavalry was defeated at the battle of the Little Bighorn. The 7th Cavalry was divided into three commands for a three sided attack on lied Indian encampment containing members of several tribes, including the Sioux. Majors Benteen and Reno had approximatey 465 and 175 of Custer's force,leaving Custer with approximately 200 soldiers plus some scouts and civilians. Custer's force was wiped out to the last man, but Benteen and Reno's forces survived. The Indian tribes fled when they learned of Terry's cavalry forces moving towards the battlefield. Sitting Bull fled into Canada , along with many of his followers. The Little Bighorn was the end of the tribes that fought there. It was a strategic blunder of catastrophic proportions for their people. Sitting Bull later surrendered to US authorities, along with many of his people.

One trivia from this battle is that only a horse survived from the army side. The horse was Comanche. Comanche was taken to Fort Riley, Kansas, which was the Cavalry headquarters at that time. It was never ridden again and was walked during parades. The last cavalry horse of the Fort Riley was Chief. They had an NCO in charge of Chief until its .

AnswerIt should be noted that Sitting Bull was not at the actual battle. Also it seems to be a common belief that Commanche was Custer's horse. He actually belonged to Captain Miles Keough.


Sitting Bull did not defeat anyone at Little Bighorn because he was recovering from a Sun Dance in which he had sacrificed 100 pieces of flesh, fallen into a trance and foreseen an attack as soldiers falling into camp.

The primary war chiefs who led the fight against Custer that day were Gall and Crazy Horse.

Sitting Bull

What is the common noun for sitting bull?

Sitting Bull was a Native American, the common nouns would be person, or human, historical figure, man, leader.

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Sitting Bull

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More Humane Sitting In A Jail Cell Vs. Lashes With A Bull Whip:
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  • Sitting in a jail cell. I can't imagine how much it would burn in your memory to hear that person screaming! Perhaps, but the point is that the whipping is also a "memorable experience" for the person receiving it. Punishment needs to be prompt and acute in order to be effective. Jail merely gives the offender the opportunity to associate with other criminals and learn more efficient techniques for committing crime. The typical young man will find that getting bull whipped is painful and humiliating, but he might prefer that to getting his teeth knocked out so as to facilitate homosexual rape in the jailhouse.
  • Unless you are into S & M a small jail cell works!
  • Getting bullwhipped is more than painful and humiliating. It can be lethal. Lashes with a lesser implement of pain like the cat o 'nine tails may be more humane than jail depending on circumstances and length of confinement. With the bullwhip, the trauma and bleeding can result in death before the final lash is delivered, or a more agonizing death by infection after the sentence is carried out. Even with the cat, a sentence of one hundred lashes was equivalent to a death sentence, as few survived. The bullwhip was inhumane and utterly ineffective as a deterrent, whereas the cat is still used to punish offenders in many low-crime countries today. As to the S & M reference, I cannot testify personally, but I imagine those whips are made of yarn; sexual toys for immature morons. A real whip is something else.
  • Id prefer lashes one time punishment nice and quick no time wasted in a cell wounds will heal its likely you'll get worse or experience worse in prison off of the inmates
  • No offense intended, but the answer just preceding this is just a bit elitist. You are imaging no long term affects but that is not guaranteed. You could be inadvertently maimed of contract a deadly infection from a severe lashing. See the answer just above yours. The only time it may be a preferable alternative is if the term was a long one for the reason you stated. Please don't be getting yourself in trouble. Stay safe.
  • Its possible... but id rather take that chance even if to contract a illness medicines may be able to cure it plus your life isn't wasted in a cell. Many say the worst part of prison is the experiences they face.
  • I would go along with the comment that a cat-of-nine would be better - as it is designed to give pain without doing permanent damage. This was simply because once you had flogged your sailor / slave / soldier, you wanted him to be able to work again quickly. Most of the film recreations of blood soaked backs are massively unrealistic. A bullwhip however takes true skill to master accurately, can cause severe lacerations - but in some case a cut can actually hurt less than a stroke which ALMOST breaks the skin. As such there is a real risk of causing medical problems - which a longer flogging with a cat would not have caused. As for the comments that BDSM whips are made of yarn, perhaps some of the play ones are - but some folks most certainly do use very real whips. Different strokes for different folks as they say.... And to answer the original question, I would prefer the lash over prison any day.
Sitting Bull

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Sitting Bull

What are the names of sitting bull's daughters?

Some of Sitting Bull's daughters were: Her Many Horse, Stand with Woman, See Walking / Walks Looking, Sight of Lodge Woman, and his favorite daughter Standing Holy. Several other daughters were born but did not survive to have their names recorded.

According to Annie Oakley, "he made a pet of me. He is a dear, faithful, old friend, and I've great respect and affection for him." Sitting Bull returned that respect by symbolically adopting Oakley as his daughter and a member of his tribe

Sitting Bull

Why is Sitting Bull so important to our history?

he was a great Indian leader

Sitting Bull

How sitting bull tried to deal with problems his people faced?

By going against the Treaty of Fort Laramie.

Sitting Bull

Sitting bull and crazy horse defeated which army lieutenant?

George A. Custer(Battle of Little Big Horn)

Sitting Bull

Why did chief sitting bull go to the wovoka?

Because he wanted advice concerning Cochise.

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Sitting Bull

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Sitting Bull

Did Sitting Bull meet with President Grant as depicted in the movie Sitting Bull out in the Dakota Territory just after the Battle of Little Big Horn?

No ?

Sitting Bull

Who killed sitting bull?

The Native Americans

Sitting Bull

What was sitting bull childhood like?


Sitting Bull

What is a name given to Annie Oakley by Chief Sitting Bull?

Annie Oakley was named "Little Sure Shot" by chief sitting bull while performing in a Buffalo Bills Wild West show with her.

Sitting Bull

When was sitting bull born?


Sitting Bull

What did Sitting Bull contribute to his culture?

This is a passage from

Sitting Bull, The Story of an American Indian written by

Knoop, Faith Yingling

Sitting Bull was an elaborate man, living in hard times. He grew up on the Great Plains of South Dakota, a Hunkpapa Sioux. during his early years, as described in this biography, were taken up with the hunt, forays against Crow Indians, and his development as a warrior and leader through the Vision Quest and Sun Dance. A man of substantial talents, Sitting Bull was a singer of his own songs, a gifted orator, an artist in pictograph, and a medicine man who received visions of the future events. He was also a fearless warrior, and a respected leader. Circumstances led him to become a war leader of his people, fighting the U.S. troops sent to the Dakota territory to force the Sioux onto Indian reservations. Sitting Bull was the only man honored as chief of all the Plains Sioux. In 1876, Sitting Bull fought at the Battle of the Little Big Horn, where Custer and his men were demolished, declaring a vision Sitting Bull had received earlier. He led his people into Canada for four years. After returning to the U.S., he was of appeal in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show in 1885. Sitting Bull was shot by Indian police in December 1890, just two weeks before the slaughter of his people at Wounded Knee.

Source of the abstract: ERIC or Author; prior to 2005, abstractor initials appeared at the end of the abstract.

find the story at

Sitting Bull

Chief Sitting Bull was a member of what native American tribe?


US Army
Sitting Bull

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Sitting Bull

Did sitting bull have children?

if a t first you found the answer with the "crowfoot" that was the tribal name but the real name is

Sitting Bull

How many Indians were fighting in the Battle of Little Big Horn under Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull?


Sitting Bull

Was Sitting Bull married?

Yes, he married Pretty Door, who was also known as Light Hair, though he also had two more wives, one called four robes.

Sitting Bull

Which battle did sitting bull deafet general Custer?

The Battle of Little Bighorn

Sitting Bull

What mistake by colonel George Custer led to his defeat by chiefs Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse at the Battle of Little Big Horn?

Custer and his force arrived ahead of the main U.S. force.

Sitting Bull

What is Sitting Bull famous for?

He won the Battle of Little Bighorn against Custer and his forces.

Sitting Bull

What are sitting bulls hobbies and trivia?



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