Famous Native Americans

During the time of American exploration, many Native Americans played key roles. There were many leaders that protected their people from forcible relocation through different means. Some were notably peaceable, and others took more violent routes. Some worked with explorers to discover new areas, as well as many other contributions.

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Famous Native Americans
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Did jay silverheels live in Brooklyn ny?

Yep...from the 1950's till the 1970's he lived next to Washington Cemetary in a small house just off Bay Parkway near East 4th street in the Bensonhurst/Gravesend section of Brooklyn. His late-50's Cadillac was often parked in his driveway and proud symbols of his Native American pride were displayed in his house window. Native Americans were celebrities in New York and had often been treated well there compared to the treatment received in other areas of the country

Famous Native Americans

What are some Native American surnames?

Mankiller, Thorpe, Cleghorn, Redwing, War Eagle, Thunder, (Bob) Barker, Spears, Standing Bear, and Young Deer are some rather famous Native American surnames.

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What is a Native American Indian woman called?

Squaw, from the Massachuset (Algonquian) eshqua, was commonly used for a North American native woman. Perhaps a little insensitive nowadays.

Red Indian is insulting and 100 years out of date.

Names for native American or first nations women include Mary and Jane.

Notes on term usages:

Squaw originated as simple term; it was quickly changed however to represent an Indian woman who sold herself for sex. There are very few Native Americans today who would not perform 'brutal acts of savage conduct' on you for using the term today. The same goes for the term "Red Indian" or "Redskin" although your chance of survival is higher with the use of the latter terms.

Native American women are called: Women, Woman, Mother (as by us they are likened to the Great Spirit), Lady, Ma'am, Mom & Mother; Susie, Tara, Lisa - and more. These people, these human beings, are different from you in only their cultural belief systems.

Famous Native Americans

What is the object above Chief Wahoo's head in some Indian logos?

The only object I know of above Chief Wahoo's head, in any Indians logo, is a feather attached to the back of his head.

The 1954 Cleveland Indians won the American League championship, only to fall to the New York Giants in the World Series. To indicate the championship, they employed an alternate logo featuring Wahoo looking up at a crown on his head in 1955 and sometimes beyond.

What's confusing is that Sportslogos.net indicated this logo was in use in 1953, prior to winning that particular title.

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Famous Native Americans

Where can you find information about the Peerless model?

I have a Stevens Peerless model I'm in need of a magazine and information about this old rifle.

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Famous Native Americans

Who was kip kano?

You probably mean "Kip" (full name Kipchoge) Keino. He won olympic medals for mid to long distance running. He is a Kenyan.

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Famous Native Americans

How do you apply for Indian grant money from white earth Indian reservation MN?

how do I apply for Indian grant money from blackfoot Indian tribe

Famous Native Americans

Where was Hiawatha born?

There is no record of where or when Hiawatha was born. Nor of his death.

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Famous Native Americans

Who invented the name for the Jim Crow laws?

Dr. John Thorp, a cultural anthropologist at the Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Mich., said a song sung by blacks in the early 19th century poked fun at Jim Crow, a slave master, and a law that said blacks couldn't dance by shuffling their feet. In the 1820s it appeared in sheet music written by Thomas Dartmouth "Daddy" Rice, a white actor and musician who did short skits between play scenes at the Park Theater in New York City. Some accounts say Rice heard a black man singing the Jim Crow song on the street and decided to use that image as a stage character in his act. Rice depicted blacks as lazy, singing and dancing fools in his act. His stage show was a hit, and Jim Crow became a stock character in other minstrel shows. The term "Jim Crow Law" was first used n 1841 in reference to a Massachusetts law which required railroads to provide a separate car for Negro passengers.

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Famous Native Americans

Hiawatha 22 cal rifle?

Blue Book of Gun Values

Famous Native Americans

When did red dog die?

on 21st of november

Famous Native Americans

Where did Hiawatha live?

Hiawatha lived in the Northern part of New Yorkstate.

Famous Native Americans

What tribe did Sitting Bull Red Cloud and Crazy Horse belong to?


The Sioux Nation (Sioux Tribes) include 6 tribes:

  1. Oglala
  2. Brule
  3. Minnecoujou
  4. Hunkpapa
  5. Blackfeet
  6. Without Bows Two Kettle

Sitting Bull (1834-1890) was a chief/warrior/ holy man of the Hunkpapa tribe.

This is an incomplete list of Siouan tribes...

Generally the Sioux are divided into linguistic subgroups... the Nakota, the Lakota and the Dakota.

The Dakota are also called the Santee Sioux- which is subdivided into several bands... the Mdewakantonwon, the Wahpeton, the Wahpekute, and the Sisseton.

The Nakota, are divided into 4 main bands, and the Yankton the upper and lower Yanktonai Sioux and the Assinniboin.

And the Lakota, also called the Teton Sioux... which have the following bands... the Brule ( Sicangu) The Oglala, the Hunkpapa, the Minneconjou, the Blackfoot ( Sihasapa ) the Sans Arc[ the more common name for the 'without bows'] ( Itazipacola ) and the separate band known as the Two Kettle (Oohenupa )

Red Cloud and Crazy Horse were related and both from the Bad Faces band of the Oglala Sioux.

Famous Native Americans

What did the Native American Chief Red Cloud need?

Funds to build a school for the children of his people.

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Famous Native Americans

Where did the Native Americans live?

Different tribes had different types of homes.

Teepee's, Wigwams, Hogans, longhouses, adobe houses, sod houses.

Don't forget igloos.

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Famous Native Americans

Where can you find information about Model XNH-560-8A?

I also need the answer. I have a Model XNH 5654F

Famous Native Americans

When you see a red cloud that means?

mabie tornado?

Famous Native Americans

Who was born in Minnesota?

Charles "Chief" Bender (1884 - 1954) The first pitcher in baseball to win six World Series games; played for the Philadelphia Athletics. Born in Brainerd, MN

Patty Berg (1918 - 2006) One of the greatest female golfers ever. She also founded the U.S. Ladies' Professional Golfers' Association. Born in Minneapolis, MN

Bob Dylan (1941 - ) Songwriter and singer whose songs of protest made him a hero to the civil-rights and student movements of the 1960s. Born in Duluth, MN

F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896 - 1940) Author famous for his characters and sense of style as in The Great Gatsby.He was seen as one of the greatest authors of the 20th century. Born in St. Paul, MN

Judy Garland (1922 - 1969) Singer and Actress most famous for her role as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Born in Grand Rapids, MN

Garrison Keillor (1942 - ) Author and host of "A Prairie Home Companion". Born in Anoka, MN Sinclair Lewis (1885 - 1951) The first American to win the Nobel Prize for literature, he wrote of small town life such as Main Street. Born in Sauk Centre, MN Roger Maris (1934 - 1985) Baseball player that while playing for the Yankees made history hitting 61 home runs in a single season. Born in Hibbing, MN

Charles H. Mayo (1865 - 1939) Physician who founded the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. Born in Rochester, MN

William J. Mayo (1861 - 1939) Physician who founded the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. Born in Le Sueur, MN

Eugene McCarthy (1916 - 2005) U.S. Senator from Minnesota. Professor, author, and poet. Born in Watkins, MN

Walter Frederick Mondale (1928 - ) 42d vice-president of the United States (1977 - 1980); Democratic candidate for president of the United States in 1984. Born in Ceylon, MN

Winona Ryder (1971 - ) Actress named after her birthplace, Winona, known in movies The Age of Innocence and The Crucible. Born in Olmsted County, MN

Charles Schultz (1922 - 2000) Cartoonist that created the comic strip Peanuts about Charlie Brown. Born in Minneapolis, MN

Richard W. Sears (1863 - 1914) Founder of the Sears, Roebuck and Company. Born in Stewartville

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Famous Native Americans

In the evening clour of the cloud is seem to be red sometime. why?

Dust in the air makes the clouds look red - there are winds blowing at high altitudes that can carry dust for hundred, and even thousands, of miles. The sun shining though the dust laden air makes the clouds appear red, and can make for beautiful sunsets... Light white is made up of 7 visible colours which can be seen during a rainbow.As the sun sets,white light from the sun passes through the water vapour in the air and other particles,causing the white light to break up into different colours.Since red has the longest wavelength,it is the colour mostly seen during sunset.

Famous Native Americans

When was Hiawatha Longfellow born?

No one knows when he died or was born i am not sure but i am trying to see if i can find the answer couldn't find out

Famous Native Americans

Who was Hiawatha?

Hiawatha was a chief in the Iroquois.

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History of Finzer Brothers Company?

Yesterday I found a broken yellow brick under the front porch of my yellow brick home built 1911. The brick had a stamping that i figured said Finzer, sugarcreek! The house is located in Cincinnati ohio on top of one of our seven hills, at Lick Run Pike and Werk rd. Could this be brick made by the Finzer Brothers??

Famous Native Americans

What Indian tribe did Hiawatha belong to?

Originally Mohawk, he was outcast because of his outspoken ways - accepted by the Onondaga, he ultimately unified the Five Nations of the Iriquois.

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Who is the Indian on an Indian head nickel?

Not one but 3 The designer James Earle Fraser had done many portraits of famous native Americans and picked 3 to combine to create the obverse for the Indian Head nickel. The names are Chief John Big Tree of the Seneca Nation- Chief Two Moons of the Cheyenne Nation and Chief Iron Tail a Oglala Sioux war chief. Big Tree was a famous actor in many movies. Iron Tail and Two Moons are famous because they were with Chief Sitting Bull at The Little Big Horn.

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Famous Native Americans

Was there a native American tribe that if a set of twins were born they would kill one of them?

Yes they would chop of its ear and what for it to die while eating a bear


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