Seminole Indians

The Seminole Indians lived in the American Southeast, living in Florida. Most now live on reservations in Oklahoma.

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Seminole Indians

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Seminole Indians

Did the Seminole Indians play games?

Yes They Did The Teenagers Boys Liked To Play Ball Games Like Stickball, Similar To The Lroquois Game Of Lacrosse.

The Littler Kids Play With Palmetto Dolls and Played With Wooden Toys. But Keep In Mind The Children Had More Chorse and Less Time To Play.

Seminole Indians

How do you Say Hello in The Seminole Language?

Istonko (pronounced iss-tone-koh) means "hello" in Seminole Creek, and chehuntamo (pronounced chee-hun-tah-moh) means "hello" in Miccosukee.

Seminole Indians

How do Seminole Indians store food?

they put the food in a cold safe room in there chickees

Seminole Indians

Who is a famous person from the Seminole Indian tribe?

One famous war chief was Osceola, who led the Seminole into battles against the US troops.

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Seminole Indians

Is June Jones an african-american?

No, he's caucasian.

Seminole Indians

What type of homes did the seminole Indians live in?

the seminoles lived in a home called a chickee. each was assigned to a warrior that helped the great chief miko

Seminole Indians

How many reservations does the seminoles tribe maintain in Florida and what are there names?

There is six in fl:

Big Cypress Reservation

Tampa Reservation

Immokalee Reservation

FT. Pierce Reservation

Hollywood Reservation


Brightton Reservation

Seminole Indians

When did he US declare war on the Seminole Indians?


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Seminole Indians

How did native american's viewed equality?

As an impossible situation in view of their natural supperiority.

Seminole Indians

Who led the war against the Seminole Indians?

Andrew Jackson.

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Seminole Indians

What did Native Americans in the Eastern woodlands eat?

T''hey killed anmials to get their food they had many others things too like they hunted fish, buffalo, moose, bear, rice, eel, berries, corn, nuts, beans, and squash''.

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Seminole Indians

What kind of food did the chumash tribe eat?

The Chumash had a variety of food supplies and used over a hundred different kinds of fish. They also gathered clams, mussels, and abalone.

They ate many different kinds of wild plants, too.

They traded among themselves and hunted both small and large animals for food.

Also, I forgot the corn, which was the second most important food of the Chumash tribe.

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Seminole Indians

What type of shelter did the Pequot Indian have?

The Pequot Indians lived in the eastern part of Connecticut. The men were hunters and the women were farmers, so the villages were permanent structures. The most common shelter built by the Pequot Indians was dome-shaped and called a wigwam. The men would collect saplings and place them in the ground in an upright position, then bent and tied together. The women wove mats to cover the underlying structure. They also covered the the wigwam with the bark of trees. A hole was cut in the top to allow the smoke of the campfire to escape. Entrance to the wigwam was made from the skin of an animal hung over an opening. The Indians usually slept upon skins or mats that were laid on the ground or upon planks of wood.
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Seminole Indians

In the late 19th century in what ways was the plight of American and Native American and African American immigrants similar and different?

African Americans and Native Americans were both people that were in tune with their ancestors and land. They both found it almost blasphemy to try and sell and or take land. It is believed to be here for everyone to take care of and for it to take care of us. It being the planet, native country, natural resources etc. They both were plagued by diseases that European or Caucasians brought with them when they came in contact with the two groups. The two groups also both first welcomed Europeans until the Europeans either killed them off or enslaved them. The two groups are different because the Africans were kidnapped and brought here to the USA where as Native Americans were just that...Native to this land we now call the USA. They were kidnapped alsoand the Europeans tried to enslave them, but that did not work because they were too weak from the diseases. They were then, simply run off theior land. African Americans wanted to leave and were chained, shackled and beaten, thus could not.Christopher Columbus did not discover America. He was the first to discover it for Spain and Spainards.Native Americans such as the Taino, Cherokee, Black Foot, Sioux, and many others were here already. One similarity is that both were illegally kidnapped, bought, sold and enslaved.

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Seminole Indians
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What are some customs of the Seminole tribe?

They made necklaces and stuff with beads, woven baskets, made dolls out of small pieces of cloth , moccasins and leather goods from deer hide

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Seminole Indians

What are opinions on whether African-Americans are still oppressed?

Some are, some aren't. Those who wish to participate in the American Dream certainly have the opportunity to do so. Consider that Ms. Rice is the most powerful woman in the world, and she is black. She did that in a nation that many claim prevents Blacks from having opportunities. What do you want in life? Do you want it enough to earn it? Do you want it enough to seek an education that will make you the best in your field. Ms. Rice did just that. There are many who have been born into poor and possibly even oppressive conditions. They are black, white, brown, yellow and Red, but nobody will give you anything in this life. You must earn it. Remember that the only difference between humans and the rest of the animals on this earth is our intelligence. Employers will pay more for someone who has a well developed intellect than they will for someone who performs hard work that requires little thought. The secret to success is to be able to provide something that nobody else can. Brain surgeons can charge a lot for their time because it isn't a skill that everyone shares. It's the same with lawyers, rocket scientists, engineers and writers. In other words, to succeed, learn to do something that is beneficial to society and do it better than anyone else.

Seminole Indians

What were special skills for Seminole Indians?

some special skills for Indians are stuff like sewing skirts and dresses for others and making jewelry or dolls.

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Seminole Indians

Can an African-American get a color tattoo?

No Sure they can. However, the color may not show, or may show in grayscale. This is something you should definitely consult your artist with.

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Seminole Indians

What did the Seminoles eat?

OK the Seminoles don't live in the ocean or water. They live on the beautiful world like us. So they eat corn, fish, melons, and other land animals. They hunt turkeys, duck, deer, rabbit, opossum fish, and occasional bear. They also eat sweet potatoes rice, and pumpkins

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Seminole Indians

How did the Native American's weave?

They used a loom

Seminole Indians

When did the Seminole Indians sign a peace treaty with the US?

Governor Claude Curk participated in a burying of the hatcher ceremony establishing the formality of peace with the Seminoles while in office in the late 1960s. For some reason the rumor persists that the Seminoles never signed a treaty. I am not aware of the true structure of the tribes of the Seminole nations and I am not qualified to speculate as to whether the chief that signed did so with the full blessing of all the Seminole tribes.

Seminole Indians

In what year did the Seminole Nation come into existence?

The Seminole are a Native American people originally of Florida, and now residing in that state and in Oklahoma. The Seminole nation came into existence in the 18th century and was composed of Indians from Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida, most significantly the Creek Nation, as well as African Americans who escaped from slavery in South Carolina and Georgia (see Black Seminoles). While roughly 3,000 Seminoles were forced west of the Mississippi River, including the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma, who picked up new members along their way, approximately 300 to 500 Seminoles stayed and fought in and around the Everglades of Florida. In a series of wars against the Seminoles in Florida, about 1,500 U.S. soldiers died. The Seminoles never surrendered to the United States government, hence, the Seminoles of Florida call themselves the "Unconquered People." The Florida Seminoles are the only American Indian tribe never to sign a formal peace treaty with the United States.


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Seminole Indians

Where did the seminole Indians live?

they lived in Floridawhere in Florida
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Seminole Indians

What tribe lived in shelters made of wood and fish were an important source of food for their tribe?



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