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St. Martha was never married.

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Where did Martha Washington married Daniel parke custis?

Martha Washington married Daniel Parke Custis in June 1749 in St. Peter's Church.

Is Martha MacCallum married or divorced?

Martha MacCallum is married.

What places did st Martha go to?

what places did st Martha go to

Was Martha Graham married?

Martha was married for 4 or 5 years.

What was Martha Jefferson's name before she was married?

Matha Jefferson's name was "Martha Wayles" before she was married.

What were Martha washington's kids names?

Frances, Martha, John, and Daniel Custis were Martha Washington's children. Martha Washington married George Washington in 1759, they were married 40 years.

Who plays Martha in Martha speaks?

you mean who gives Martha her voice. its tabitha st. germain.

What age was Martha custis when she was married to George Washington?

Martha and George were both 27 when they married each other.

George Washington married Martha Dandridge?

Martha Dandridge Custis

Where is St. Martha buried?

Saint Martha is buried in Tasascon, France.

Who did George Washington get married to?

He married Martha Dandridge Custis

When did Sigmund Freud get married?

He married Martha Bernays in 1886.

Who is Martha Stewart's ex-husband?

His name is Andy Stewart. He and Martha were married in July, 1961, and he left Martha in the summer of 1987 and married her assistant, Robyn Fairclough.

Is Martha plimpton married?


How old was Martha Washington when she got married?

the first time Martha got married she was 18 the second time she was 26-ish

What are 4 facts about Martha Washington?

Her name is Martha Washington She married Daniel Parke Custis Had children with him And married George Washington

Where did St. Martha live?

Martha lived in the town of Bethany, not far from Jerusalem.

What was Martha Washingtons name before she married George Washington?

Martha Parke Custis or her maiden name was Martha Dandridge.

Who did george washingtom marry?

He married Martha Washington. Her maiden name was Martha Dandridge.

Why is Saint Martha the patron saint of cooking?

Whenever Our Lord visited the town of Bethany, where Martha live, he would stay in her home and Martha would cook for him and the apostles. Besides Martha, there are other patron saints of cooks or cooking: St. Lawrence of Rome St. Macarius the Younger St. Pascal Baylon

When George Washington got married to Martha?

he had got married in1759

Who did Thomas Jefferson get married to?

Thomas Jefferson married Martha Skelton

When did George Washington get married to Martha Washington?

The couple was married in 1759.

What age was George Washington when he was married?

George was 26 when he married Martha.

Who is is George Washington married to?

George Washington was married to Martha Washington

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