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No Switzerland was not involved in the First World War.

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Q: Was Switzerland involved in the 1st world war?
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Related questions

Who were the neutral countries involved in World War 1?


Why wasn't Switzerland involved in World War 2?

it was a neatual country

What countries were not involved in World War 2?

Switzerland, Turkey, Portugal, Sweden, and Spain were neutral countries in World War 2.

How was Switzerland involved in war world 2?

Switzerland was neither in the Axis or the Allies during World War 2. Switzerland wanted to stay completely neutral. And to stay neutral, they would shot any planes that belonged to the Allies and Axis Powers that flew over Switzerland,

What countries were not initially involved in world war 2?

The US, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Portugal, Sweden

What European countries were not involved in World War 1 and two?

spain, switzerland, sweden, vatican city, ireland,

Which war was hitler involved in?

He served during the 1st World War and was leader of the German nation during the 2nd World War .

Was Switzerland in World War I?

No, Switzerland remained neutral during the First world War.

How did World War 2 effect Austria?

Although Hitler was of Austrian decent, Austria like Switzerland was neutral in the second world war, so therefore it was not involved and the effect was minimal.

Which country was not involved in a war in Africa in the 19th century?


What role did Switzerland play in World War 1 and World War 2?

It's Switzerland. They're always neutral.

What was Switzerland's capital during the World War I?

The capital of Switzerland during World War 1 was the same as it is now, Bern.

Why did the US not join World War 1?

The US wanted to remain neutral in the war, much like Switzerland for example. However they were attacked by German U-Boats and had to get involved.

What country that has not been involved in a foreign war since 1515?


Was Switzerland invaded by Germany in World War 2?

No, Switzerland was not invaded in either of the World Wars.

What European country was not in world war 1 or world war 2?


On which side did Switzerland fight during world war?

Switzerland was neutral during both World Wars.

What role did Switzerland play in world war 1?

Switzerland played no part in either World Wars.

During World War 2 what country was Switzerland known as?

Switzerland has always been known as Switzerland.

Why did Switzerland decide to go to war with Germany in World War 2?

Switzerland did not take part in WW2. It was neutral.

How did world war 2 affect Switzerland?

Switzerland was Neutral during WWII

What was the date that Switzerland enterded world war 2?

Switzerland remained neutral

Where was the last war Switzerland was involved?

The Napoleonic wars. These ended in 1815. Since then Switzerland has been neutral and not involved in any wars. There have been a few short civil wars in the 1800's.

How did all of Europe fall into World War 2?

Not every European country became involved in World War Two. Countries such as Sweden and Switzerland maintained an official policy of neutrality during the war. Other countries such as Greece and Norway were attacked by a belligerent power during the war.

Who did Switzerland ally with in World War 2?

Switzerland was officially neutral during the war, however the Swiss favored the Germans for most of the war.