Was Thomas Jefferson a hypocrite

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No, he was the secretary of the state and the president.

Answer Why, because he had slaves? Or because he loved one of his slaves? I wasn't there, I can't tell you what kind of man he was. History doesn't give much information on the subject, but if he refused to have slaves, was he doing anything to help them? I can't tell you for certain, but imagine that he purchased all of the slaves that he could afford, then gave them good working conditions and helped them in any way that he could, so that they could enjoy life. Would that make him a hypocrite? There is certainly no evidence that he injured or mistreated his slaves. Do we have the right to judge? They were different times. Recognize that slavery had been a standard practice almost since the beginning of civilization. Egyptians, Romans, Europeans and yes, even Americans had slaves. In general, slaves were sold to Dutch traders who visited the African coasts. Tribal rivalry had resulted in many deaths, but when the Dutch traders wanted to find something of value from Africa, the rival tribes started to SELL (trade) their enemies rather than kill them. That certainly doesn't make the early slave traders into some kind of benevolent businessman. It was an evil and despicable practice and who is to say that those slaves might have been better off if they had been killed by neighboring rival tribes rather than suffer as slaves. But slavery still goes on in places around the world.

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Q: Was Thomas Jefferson a hypocrite
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