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Yes. It was what the Vikings called Newfoundland.

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What did freydis eiriksdottir find?

she found vinland smart one

Can you name one of the ancient astronomer's original names for Venus?

Cytherea Phosphorus.

What cities or towns were founded by the vikings?

There were many in Britain and France and some still have the Viking names for places and streets. In North America there was one in Newfoundland.

Who sponsored Leif Ericsson's trip to Vinland?

No one. He supplied his own ship and supplies.

Who believed Newfoundland was Asia?

No one.

How do you say Amber in Scottish?

Names remain in their original form, unless there is a Gaelic 'equivalent'. This one doesn't have one.

Can Newfoundland have a tsunami?

Yes they had one in 1929

Who were the Canadian vikings?

They had one settlement in Newfoundland.

Why did the Norse leave Newfoundland?

no one knows

How many major islands are in Newfoundland?


Is one direction coming to gander Newfoundland?

no that are not

Is it correct to translate names from one language to another?

It is correct to translate names from one language to another, if the translation exists. Many names in one language do not have a translation in another language. In that case, you would simply say the name in the original language.

Are Newfoundland and Labrador the same province?

yes they are the same Newfoundland and Labrador is all one province run by the same government

How was JFK related to Newfoundland Canada?

There is only one way the name John Fitzgerald Kennedy is related to Newfoundland, Canada. There are filghts from John F. Kennedy International Airport to the airport at Newfoundland.

Why did the Irish settle in Ontario and Newfoundland?

no one knows

Where can one get a Newfoundland dog?

One may get a Newfoundland dog from local pet stores and local breeders. It is also possible to get a Newfoundland dog from a long distance breeder, but this would require communication between you and the breeder. You may find them doing a website search.

What are ten interesting things about Newfoundland?

1. A Newfoundlander was with Abraham lincoln at Gettysburg. 2. Newfoundland has no skunks, deer, groundhogs, or snakes. 3. There are no homeless people in Newfoundland. 4. Newfoundland has interesting community names such as: Conception Bay, Jerry's Nose, and Dildo. 5. A Newfoundlander invented the Gas Mask. 6. Jimmy Buffets grandparents are Newfoundlanders. 7. Newfoundland has its own Timezone. 8. On sept 11, 2001, hundreds of flights landed in Newfoundland where thousands of people were stranded. Newfoundlanders opened there homes to thousands and is now famous for the hospitality. Many Americans go back to Newfoundland to visit their friends that took them in. 8. Prior to 1949 Newfoundland issued its own stamps and today they are still accepted as postage. 9. Studies show Newfoundland is the most sexually active province. 10. Newfoundland is one of the only places that can land the Space Shuttle and is a back up landing pad if foggy in Arizona (may be a waiting a while to see that).

Name one province on the Atlantic coast of Canada?


Could Newfoundland Canada have a tsunami?

Yes. We already had one

Are Newfoundland and Labrador two separate provinces?

They are one Province.

What is the value of a 1909 Newfoundland one cent coin?


What is the cost of one pack cigarettes in Newfoundland?

seven dollars

How much is an 1896 one cent Newfoundland Victoria coin worth?

one cent

How strong is the Newfoundland dog?

They are very strong! I have one and I used to have one and they are extremely strong!

The two language families that live in Newfoundland?

i love one direction;)