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i'm STILL hoping that he'll come back. it probably won't be anytime soon. he will return on November 19, 2007. It's already happened Answer

he should come back! He's the best

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Q: Was Y2J Chris Jericho really fired or did he decide to leave WWE?
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It was unfair for Stephanie McMahon to fire Chris Jericho last night on Raw?

Jericho was not really fired

Who did chris Jericho lose to when he got fired several years ago in wwe?

The Only man i know that Jericho faced in a match where the loser gets fired was John Cena. Eric Bishoff then fired Jericho

Why was chris Jericho fired?

he needed to tour with his band fozzy. +

Why was Gregory helms fired from WWE?

He was involved with some incident with Chris Jericho and got fired

If WWE Chris Jericho got firedthan why is he still in raw?

He did not get fired!

Did chris Jericho get fired?

No he did not, his contract was up and he went on tour with his band

Why did Chris Jericho get fired the first time?

john cena beat him in a match in 2006 which lead him to get fired.

Why cena not likin Jericho?

he does not like him because in the past when the feud with Eric bishoff. when it was (cena vs. Jericho) and Kurt angle attacked cena Eric bishoff fired Jericho and in 2008 chris Jericho returned cena did not like thet and at the 15th anniversery Eric bishoff was thereand said "i swore i fired you" and cena interuppted and f-u Jericho .

Was Cena really fired?

unfortunately , he is Fired !! its so hurtful that he actually is i mean i used to beg my parents 2 buy me a cenation shirt and now its no point cause he is gone . i hope he comes back in a second coming just like whatever happened to chris Jericho and destroys nexus once and for all

Is chris Jericho go on tna?

No. Ever since joining in 1999, Jericho has been a loyal WWE worker and he would never jump to TNA, even if he got fired because he has so much more things he can do outside of wrestling.

Why was chris paul fired?

Chris Paul wasn't fired. He's just fired up for the next season.

Will chris Jericho return in 2009?

Ofcourse hes gonna return. Wwe is just doing it for show. If you watched, last time he was fired then returned to raw in 2008

Are Chris Jericho and Triple H coming back?

Triple H should be back soon, I read rummors of him returning when RAW moves to USA network. Jericho isn't on the roster list anymore and won't be back anytime soon, if ever. I believe he's working with Fozzy, and just doesn't have enough time to commit to both WWE and Fozzy. Good luck to him on his musicial career. Don't hold your breath on seeing Jericho, but Triple H will return. Jericho is coming back. Hes just on vacation. Wrestlers do that occasionally. hhh will be back oct. 3rd and jerico will prob be back within a year or so. Triple H is already back. When Chris Jericho got FIRED it was a storyline and Chris Jericho is laying out of WWE for a while.

Is Kelly Kelly really fired?

No, Kelly Kelly is kayfabe fired. She is not really fired.

How did Chris jerico get fierd?

he murderd his wife and kids and never got caught Chris Jericho never murdered anyone his wife and kids are still alive and living with Chris. Chris didn't get fired his contract was up and he was touring with his band and currently doing dancing with the stars which his wife and kids are in the audience watching. Try doing some research before making up lies

Was Chris Jericho's getting fired planned because he had something else to do or was it real?

he wants to join tna he went on tour with fozzy ANSWER Yes it was planned, he was going tour with his band and no he never ever intended on going to TNA

Who is the WWE gerk of the year?

well Jerk of the year was Chis Jericho according to wwe magizine, but he was fired

Did Jeff Hardy really get fired for drugs?

Yes he did, wwe fired for drugs

Is Kelly Kelly realy fired?

No, Kelly Kelly is not really fired.

Can you collect unemployment in New Jersey if you were fired?

If you were fired for just cause, as determined by the state, no. Otherwise the state would decide if you were eligible.

Will John Cena free or fired?

He has 'fired' how he wasn't really as it is just a storyline.

How long will john Cena be fired?

He hasn't really been fired. It is just a storyline.

Did chris master get fired from the WWE?

No, he just hasn't been active for a while.

What will john cena will do after getting fired from WWE?

He hasn't really been fired. It is just a storyline.

Did Zac or Vanessa get fired were thet really kicked off Disney?

vannesa got fired not zac :(

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