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Q: Was a BMW 840 series a pace car?
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Where is the horn on a BMW 840?

The horn for the BMW 840Ci is located under the bumper at the front of the car. There are two horns, one low and one high pitch.

Where could someone find a BMW 8 series for sale?

Deciding on where to purchase a BMW 8 series depends on if you are looking to buy the car new or used. Normally if you are looking to purchase a new BMW 8 series, You can find out at your local BMW dealership. If you are looking to buy a used BMW 8 series, there are a number of websites and or used car dealerships.

Does Taylor latuner have a car?

Of course he has a car it is a BMW 5 series

What is a Luxury cars?

In category ''BMW'' the BMW 7 Series is a luxury car, a luxury car is about comfort, technology and perfection.

What kind of car does snooki have?

BMW 3 series

What does 318i mean on BMW car?

The BMW 318i is a 3 series car with a 1.8 liter motor ( 4 cylinder ) that is fuel injected. 3 series 18 ( 1.8 liter ) i ( fuel injected).

What luxury car has the best seats?

In category BMW i would say the BMW 7 series.

Where can someone purchase a BMW 7 series car?

The BMW 7 series is sold at all participating BMW dealers. You could also shop online at the BMW website. They are sold nationwide and readily available at your local BMW dealers

What kind of car is BMW 5 series E39?

The BMW 5 series E39 is a luxury car. It was made in both sedan and station wagon form. It is considered to be a mid-size car. Production of this model ceased in 2004.

What is the most popular luxuary car?

BMW 3-series

What car does Daniel Day Lewis?

BMW 3-series

What are the release dates for The Car Coach - 2011 2013 BMW 5 Series?

The Car Coach - 2011 2013 BMW 5 Series was released on: USA: 7 November 2013

What kind of engine is in the BMW 3 series?

BMW 3 Series is a car made in Germany, and BMW has been made since 1975. The engines are four cylinder. Since many car companies are going green, they have began making different engines.

Is Audi a better car than BMW?

NO ...! The 5 series and the 3 series /7 series are amazing cars

What is meaning of 750 li on BMW 7 series car?

The "750i/L" is a model of that series.

Where the good deals for the BMW 3 series can be found?

Check a local car lot first to see if they know about any good deals on a BMW 3 series. If not there are plenty of websites online with good deals on the BMW 3 series.

What are the characteristics of the BMW 3 Series?

There are many characteristics of the BMW 3 series. The main characteristics are the design. The front of this car is different from all the other models.

What is the best car sedan on the market?

it would most likely be one of the following -bmw 3 series -audi a4 -mercedes c series -infiniti g37 -bmw 5 series

Are there any sales figures for the BMW M3 series in 2012?

Yes there are sales figures available for the BMW M3 series for 2012 depending on the model of car. From Jan 2012 to June 2012 135,981 BMW 3 series sedan sold.

What car does tom delonge have?

BMW 7 series and Audi A8

What company makes the 5 series?

The 5 Series is referred to as a model of a car. The car brand company, BMW, manufactures the 5 series cars. They also manufacture the 3 series model.

Where can a BMW F30 be bought?

This beautiful sixth generation of the BMW series can be bought from any major car dealership. The car's availability is surprising vast as they sell well.

Where can one find the BMW 5 series for sale?

The BMW 5 series is a generally sought after and popular vehicle of purchase. It can be found for sale at a local BMW dealership, possibly used car dealerships, or in online listings.

Where can one purchase a 2009 BMW 7 series?

One can purchase a 2009 BMW 7 series at any BMW dealerships. This car was announced in the year 2008 and costs about $37,671. These cars are still being manufactured.

What car was used to shoot the movie The Transporter?

It is a BMW E38 or 7 series.