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Well, she is there for two years. She gets discovered. She goes to a concentration camp, then dies.

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Did Anne Frank go to school during the holocaust?

Anne, Margot and Peter all took daily tutoring from Otto Frank during their whole time in the annex.

What happened after to Anne Frank had left the attic?

After Anne frank was discovered in the secret annex she was taken to a death camp and separated from her family. she died there right before the Jews were freed. her whole family was killed except her father.

What made Anne Frank feel successful?

What made Anne Frank feel successful was thatshe kept a diary for two whole years even though it was her first time keeping a diaryalso that she hid in "the Secret Annex" for two whole years without going crazy.

Is the secret annex of Anne Frank still there?

Yup. The whole building has been beautifully preserved as a museum. It looks just like it did when she and the seven others were hiding there. If you ever go to Amsterdam, make sure you check it out.

Did the whole family get killed in the Diary of Anne Frank?

The diary of Anne Frank is a real diary of a Jew during World War two. She writes it before and during the time her family was in hiding from the Nazis. On the morning of 4 August 1944, her family and the other family were discovered and Anne never wrote in her diary after that. Out of the 8 people leaving in what Anne called the 'Secret Annex', Otto Frank [Anne's father] was the only one to survive.

Who was the only occupant of the annex to survive concentration campswhat did he do after the war to make anne famous?

Otto Frank was the only one from the annex to survive a concentration camp. He later found Anne's diary and published it, so the whole world can see what happen during the war, and what they had to the through, most of what anne was feeling and her perspective as a jew. the Novel touched a lot of people around the worlds heart.

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What is the book The Secret Garden about as a whole?

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What is Anne Frank whole name?

Her full name is Anneliese Marie Frank.

What are the names of the whole Frank family?

Otto Frank (Father) Edith Frank (mother) Margot Frank (Older sister) Anne Frank (younger sister)

Did Anne Frank live in an attic?

Yes and no. She lived in an annex in her father's office building, which was like a whole secret level of the building. There was an attic at the very top that they used, but there was also a kitchen and other bedrooms in the annex as well. Anne Frank lived there with her sister Margot, her father, Otto, her mother, Edith, Herman van Pels, Auguste van Pels, Peter van Pels, and a local dentist named Fritz Pfeffer from 1942-1944 until they were captured.Technically not. She lived in the top two floors in the back of her father's office building and there was an attic, but she didn't live in it. She lived in her own room with Mr. Pfeffer, and would go up to the attic with Peter, or by herself - the attic was Anne's refuge.

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What is the best character feature of anne frank in the diary of anne frank?

Character feature? I'm not sure what you mean exactly, but I think it is her ability to be introspective about the world around her- both in the annex and the whole world. She understood people and studied people and also her ability to view her self from third person. She was a very smart, unique girl with the ability to analyze and internalize everything through writing.

Why did Otto Frank published Anne franks diary?

He wanted the whole world to see what him and his family and other jewish people had to go through during the war and how they was treated

What is Anne Franks whole name?

the answer is Annelise Marie Frank

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What are the release dates for Anne Frank The Whole Story - 2001 1-1?

Anne Frank The Whole Story - 2001 1-1 was released on: USA: 20 May 2001

What are the release dates for Anne Frank The Whole Story - 2001 1-2?

Anne Frank The Whole Story - 2001 1-2 was released on: USA: 21 May 2001

Can you watch a movie about Anne Frank?

Yes. There are multiple movies. "Anne Frank: The Whole Story" is one of the better ones, "Anne Frank Remembered" is the most factual one.

What was Anne Frank's whole name?

Anne Frank's full name was Anneliese Marie Frank. Her older sister's name was Margot Frank. Edith and Otto Frank were her parents.

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Was Anne Frank anti Jewish?

No, she was Jewish. Hence the whole hiding thing.