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Was christopher Columbus at the first Thanksgiving?


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thats a good question. but i was told that he helped the indians get ready for Thanksgiving after he arrived in what was called the "new world"

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No, Christopher Columbus was not there at the first thanksgiving. The celebration was between the Native Americans and the Spainanrds for the celebration of their first harvesting!

Christopher Columbus's only connection with Thanksgiving is the fact that he was the "first" European to discover America. He didn't even land on the mainland, he actually landed somewhere in the Caribbean.

Christopher Columbus went to America

Diego Colon was the first son of Christopher Columbus.

Christopher Columbus was born in 1451 and Magellan was born on 1480 Columbus was born first.

Christopher Columbus first landed in the Bahamas.

The goal for the first voyage of Christopher Columbus was to reach the West Indies.

The first geographic area that Christopher Columbus discovered was America in 1492.

Columbus was about 41 on his first voyage.

Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean. When he enterd there were people here. The people were called Native Americans. Christopher Columbus was not he first one here. The Vikings were. Christopher Columbus took credit for being the first one to the "new world".

Christopher Columbus was trying to reach China on his first voyage around the world

The Christopher Columbus came first in 1492.

The first land/island Christopher Columbus saw was San Salvador. That is the answer to that question. GOOD LUCK!

Christopher Columbus, because he opened america to the people.

The First Voyage of Christopher Columbus: Having convinced the King and Queen of Spain to finance his voyage, Christopher Columbus departed mainla.

Spain sent Christopher Columbus to his first voyage. :-)

Christopher Columbus first landed in what is now known as Venezuela.

Columbus was 14 years old on his first voyage.

Christopher Columbus first set sail for Asia on August 3, 1492. Columbus was looking for a route to Asia that was completely by water.

Christopher Columbus' first voyage was 33 days, Sept. 6, 1492- Oct. 12, 1492.

The first island discovered by Christopher Columbus was the Bahamas, which he called El Salvador or San Salvador. ;DDDDDDD

Many people think that in history, Christopher Columbus was America's first discoverer. Others think that there was someone else that had discovered America before Christopher Columbus. The might not ever know who discovered America first.

Christopher Columbus was one of the first settlers.

The first known founder was Christopher Columbus. First permanent colony in the New World was in Dominican Republic by Christopher Columbus and his posse.

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