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Was fidel Castro's mother Jewish?

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he is descended from a Turkish Jew on his mother's side.

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Q: Was fidel Castro's mother Jewish?
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Who was fidel Castros mother?

Lina Ruz Gonzalez

What rhymes with astros?

Fidel Castros

What do fidel Castros citizens think of him?

They hated him

What is fidel Castros area of weakness?

He was old

What is fidel Castros favorite color?


Is raul fidel castros brother?

Yes, Raul Fidel is Castro's brother.

Which revolution was Guevara involved in?

Fidel Castros revolution on Cuba against the govt of Batista.

Why did the U.S government oppose Fidel Castros taking power in Cuba?

Castro had communist ideas

What were fidel Castros achievements?

overthrow of the batista government defeated us backed forces at bay of pigs

What is Fidel castros second last name?

Ruz. You can get names and birth years and shiz from wikipedia.

What actions did the US take in response to Fidel Castros revolution in Cuba?

Making a speech was the only thing they could do. It was to the Cuban people.

Is fidel Castro Jewish?


What are some of Fidel Castros accomplishments?

He ended up providing health care for the elderly. Fidel Castro had quite a few accomplishments including making Cuba the first Communist state in the Western Hemisphere.

Under fidel castros rule how did cuba change?

Everything got better like education and stuff but the nutritoin was bad because there was no nurishing food to eat

Why did the U.S. government oppose fidel Castros taking power in cuba?

castro collectivized agriculture and cut off diplomatic relations with the united states

The name of Fidel Castro mother?

Lina Ruz González was Fidel Castro's mother. She worked for his father, Angel Castro y Argiz, as a maid and cook. They had five children out of marriage, Fidel being one of them.

How do you know if you are unknowingly Jewish heritage?

In Jewish law you are Jewish if your mother is Jewish. So long as you know that your mother and her mother (and her mother, etc.) isn't Jewish then you are not Jewish. There is no magical (or medical or any scientific way) to know if you're Jewish.

Was adoplh hitlers mother Jewish?

No his mother was a German. NOT JEWISH.

How does someone get called to the Torah when the mother is Jewish and the father is not?

In Judaism, if the mother is Jewish, the child is Jewish.

Are you Jewish if your mother's mother was Jewish?

Yes. According to all sects of Judaism, a child is Jewish if the child's mother is Jewish.

What year was fidel Castro's mother born?

He was born out of wedlock. His mother was Lina Ruz González

Are you Jewish if your father is Jewish?

no, you can only be Jewish if your mother is:)

Your mother's mother was a Jew are you?

You may be. Technically, if your mother is Jewish you're Jewish. So, if your mother's mother was Jewish your mother was Jewish and you're Jewish. However, if your mother wasn't raised Jewish and/or converted to another religion and you weren't raised Jewish, you might have to undergo conversion to Judaism if you wish to live as a Jew. This is something you would need to discuss with a rabbi.

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