Was hunting a sport Iroquois did?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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they hunted for food, likely not for sport

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Q: Was hunting a sport Iroquois did?
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What were the Iroquois used for?

The Iroquois tools were used for hunting and fishing.

What did the Iroquois love to play as a sport?

The Iroquois created and played Lacrosse.

Did the Iroquois travel a lot?

If they were hunting, yes

When was hunting classed as a sport?

Hunting was classed as a sport in the Tudor times when Henry The 8th enjoyed a day of hunting he classe it as a sport.

Is hunting an original Olympic sport?

No, hunting is not a original Olympic sport.

What were the characteristics of the Iroquois region?

food farming and hunting were it

What is the definition of sport hunting?

Sport hunting is a sport when peeps ride horses and shoot deer and stuff

What was every day life for the Iroquois?

The Iroquois everyday life was builting a loof things and went hunting.

What did Iroquois Indians use the tee pees for?

They used it when hunting.

What is one similarity between the Iroquois and the Cherokee tribes?


Is mushroom hunting considered a sport?

Mushroom hunting isn't a sport that I know of. Cool hobby though.

What was a Iroquois spear used for besides hunting?

They also used it for fishing