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Was ist en hund?


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"Was ist ein hund?" = What is a dog?

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Is a toy dog smaller than a teacup dog? No.

das ist literally translates to 'that is' you woudl not use it on its own but in a sentance. i.e. Das ist super! That ist super! or Das ist mein hund. That is my dog

German has all nouns capitalized in a sentence. Ex: Die Hund ist dumm. = My dog is dumb. As you can see Hund (dog) is capitalized because of it being a noun.

Hund (pronounce hunt)Was ist los Alter?Wie hängt's Alter?Wie geht's Alter?

The pronunciation of Entlebucher Sennehund is "Ent-lee-boo-ker."

Ein Hundeskelett entsteht vom Hund; ein Vogelskelett entsteht vom Vogel.

I think it's something like: Doobie ist zu lernen, wie zu paddeln Hund

a hund is a dogIt means dog. "Der Hund" (male) or "die Huendin" (female)

Bob Hund was created in 1991.

The cast of Mein Bruder ist ein Hund - 2004 includes: Maria Ehrich as Marietta Julia Ferch as Lisa Thomas Gimbel as Polizist Irm Hermann as Oma Gerda Kai Ivo Baulitz as Regie-Assistent Brigitte Janner as Kundin Martin Lindow as Vater Martin Aurel Manthei as Security-Mann Christine Neubauer as Mutter Maria Komi Togbonou as Medizinmann Gustl Vom Hause Holzhauer as Hund Toby Christof Wackernagel as Projektleiter

Friedrich Hund was born on February 4, 1896.

Mariah Jean Hund is 5' 4".

Friedrich Hund died on 1997-03-31.

Willi Hund died on 2002-04-30.

Willi Hund was born on 1923-03-23.

Ferienhaus mit Hund translates as holiday home with dog.

Tiny dog is pytte-hund or pytte-liten hund.

Karl Gotthelf von Hund was born in 1722.

Karl Gotthelf von Hund died in 1776.

W. D. Hund has written: 'Kommunikation in der Gesellschaft'

The cast of Hund og hund imellem - 1988 includes: Lise Lotte Christensen as Herself - Dog Expert Jan Monrad as Himself - Commentator Jan Monrad as Himself - Commentator (1988-1998)

Ich sah einen Hund or Ich habe einen Hund gesehen

Do you have a dog = Haben Sie einen HundDo you have a dog = Hast du einen Hund

Der Hund von Baskerville was created on 1914-06-12.

Hund I Himlen - 2012 is rated/received certificates of: Sweden:7

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