Was it Archimedies that spoke about if you have the correct leverage you can move the world?

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Yes, it was Archimedes who made that statement. The full quote is 'Give me a lever long enough, and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world'

What is a leveraged acquisition?

Answer using a company's assets to pay for the debt of purchasing the company How to Achieve Acquisition Financing: Creative Ways to Build Shareholder Value When considering an acquisition (and alternatives for acquisition financing) there are always three key items of consideration. In order of im ( Full Answer )

What is leverage?

Leverage as it relates to financial markets is the ability to profit on a financial instrument by putting up a portion of the full amount. This portion is generally known as "Margin." Some investment instruments allow for a deposit of "Good Faith" or Earnest Money to "control" the investment vehi ( Full Answer )

What is leverage and how do you calculate it?

Answer . Leverage means to get more with little force as in physics. But in accounting it tells us how we can know from our sales that how much EBIT (earnings before interest and taxes) will be. In acc it is called degree of leverage and is calculated as DOL= contribution margin/EBIT For exp, ( Full Answer )

Is it correct grammar to say The store is moving in February?

Yes, it is a correct sentence. The verb 'is moving' indicates that'February' is a time in the future. The preposition 'in' before thenoun 'February' indicates that the move will take place sometimewithing that month.

Which is correct 'God created this world' or 'God has created this world'?

Grammatically, both are correct, but they mean slightly different things, and both may be factually incorrect. God created this world. : This statement is in the simple past tense and is making a more absolute statement about what God did in the past; it doesn't try to connote anything else, pa ( Full Answer )

What do you mean by leverage?

basically leverage is the employment of assets or sources of finance for which firms pays fixed cost or fixed return.

What was the code they spoke in world war 2?

I believe you are referring to the Navajo Code Talkers. The Navajos were recruited to use their language to speak in code and sent Morse code in the Navajo Code. The Japanese could not recognize the language.

How Archimedies Burn Roman fleet by using Power of SUN?

I know the answer to this question. At this time I cannot post the answer here. The same process used in burning the ships can also be used to generate steam. Steam converts into energy. Less than $10.00 will produce a working model to prove how he did it.

What is mlm leverage?

The leverage or I should say power of the MLM is this. Imagine yourself trying to sell cell phones and your goal is at least 10 per day then hopefully you will reach that goal for the day. Then imagine you have your own team (MLM) of 10 people with the exact same goal that have their own teams with ( Full Answer )

What is the definition of leverage?

According to dictionary.com: lev·er·age    [lev-er-ij, lee-ver-] Show IPA noun, verb, -aged, -ag·ing. -noun 1. the action of a lever.. 2. the mechanical advantage or power gained by using a lever.. 3. power or ability to act or to influence people, ev ( Full Answer )

What was the first language the world spoke?

Sanskrit was the first language. Historically, however, the first person to talk did not have written language and it was not recorded for us to know. It was most likely a group or groups of people that had been using gestures and sounds to communicate, eventually formed the most commonly used sou ( Full Answer )

What is leveraged IRR?

A leveraged IRR is a mathematical formula used to determine therate of your return that you are currently getting from aninvestment. This formula is a very complicated procedure.

What are advantages of leverage?

Leverage let you buy more shares with less money. For example if you want to buy 100 Barclay's shares at 200p you would need £200 to do so, where's if you have leverage (let's say you pay 10%) then you would need only £20 to buy them. Where's leverage increases your earnings potential it als ( Full Answer )

Our world your move?

That statement is suggesting that what ever your move is (what you do in this world) Affects the world we live in.

Is this sentence grammatically correct - she spoke different language?

No. You need to use the indefinite article "a" if you are talking about one language. "She spoke a different language." / "She spoke in a different language." You would not need it if the word is plural. But you could have a number. "She spoke different languages." (than someone else) "Sh ( Full Answer )

What is the correct population of the world?

According to the US Census Bureau the current world population is 6 772 694 385 (roughly 6.8 billion). Keep in mind that the world population is currently growing at around 75 million people per year. The world population is estimated to level off at around 9-11 billion people around 2050. http://ww ( Full Answer )

What is Leverage in football?

Leverage is pushing or pulling on the body of another player to gain extra height or speed. It happens most often on field goal tries when a defending player may "leapfrog" off someone's back to jump higher. It warrants a 15 yard penalty for Unsportsmanlike Conduct.

Which one is correct I spoke with you or I spoke to you?

Both are correct. I spoke with you would imply a personal conversation in the past ( i.e. "Remember? I spoke with you about those invoices in last week's staff meeting. ) I Spoke to you implied a one-to-many address (i.e. a radio broadcast such as "When I last spoke to you, my political enemies ha ( Full Answer )

Is it correct to call Buddhism world denying?

As mentioned in the Quran any other religion than Islam is denying and not true yes this includes Buddhism i am not racist or any thing but that's what was mentioned in Quran

What is composite leverage?

Composite leverage is when a change in sales volume has an effecton earnings. This is before taxes and interest are taken out of theearnings.

What is asset leverage?

Asset leverage is when an entity borrows against a particular assetto increase its holdings of that particular asset class. Forexample, an entity could own a building worth $100,000, and pay forit outright. Or, if it wished to leverage the asset, it could takeout a mortgage for$50,000 on that buil ( Full Answer )

Who spoke the unbreakable code during the world war 2?

The Navajos spoke the Navajo language that the code was based upon. The Navajos were great code talkers. They could send and receive code faster than the "white man" could do it. The Japanese never did break that code. Too bad they did not use it in the European theater.

Is it correct to ask what makes the objects move?

It depends on the object. If it has a motor, then the fuel (ex: gas) will be turned into gas and run past a gear making it turn then ending up out a exhaust pipe. If the object is exploding, it is because it is so hot, the particles are moving really really fast, thus making them bump into each othe ( Full Answer )

Is this sentence correct Packing moving and unpacking are exhausting?

This sentence needs commas: Packing, moving, and unpacking are exhausting. Note that the second comma is considered optional, although individual guidelines and style sheets will specify either including or omitting the comma before the last item in a series.

What is a pneumatic leverage?

It is a pity youcannot have drawings in the answers. To understandpneumatic leverage, imagine you have two bicycle pumps to pump upthe tires of your bicycle. One has a piston with a surfacearea of 4cm2 (square centimeters) and the other has apiston with a surface area of 8cm2 . You connectthem t ( Full Answer )

What is the correct order in which food moves during digestion?

The digestive system may be broken into two parts: a long, winding, muscular tube accompanied by accessory digestive organs and glands. That open-ended tube, known as the alimentary canal or digestive tract, is composed of various organs. These organs are, in order, the mouth, pharynx, esophagus, st ( Full Answer )

What has a spokes?

Wheels, such as on a bicycle, have spokes on them. The spokes hold the wheel a fixed distance out from the center.

How did archimedis find the solution to kings question that the given material is gold or not?

Archimedis was so deep into thought that he filled up his bathtub full before he climbed in. When he climbed into the bathtub, the water spilled out of it and on the bathroom floor. He then realized that his mass caused the water to spill and if he collected the water and measured its mass it would ( Full Answer )

What shows the correct order in which food moves during digestion?

The digestion process begins after food has been swallowed. Itpasses down through the esophagus and into the stomach. This iswhere the stomach acids continue to break it down so that nutrientscan be absorbed. After this it passes through the intestines andinto the colon.

What is a sentence with leverage?

I will need a crowbar for leverage to lift the corner of the heavybox. Leverage is needed to lift heavy objects. She thinks the truth will be the leverage she needs to win thelawsuit.