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No - whether you gave them back or kept them but put them away in a box in the back of your closet your still going to feel the same. Your going to question a variety of things at this point because you broke up but remember why he is your ex, keep busy and take it one day at a time things will get better.

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What is a good gift verses a bad gift?

A good gift is a gift that someone loves. If you give a gift to someone and he/she appreciates it, then it is a good gift. Good gifts are also gifts that give meaning in a nice way. Bad gifts give rude meanings. Bad gifts surprise people and people seem irritated and feel uneasy with a bad gift. Gifts are given to be good gifts. Bad gifts are simply thrown away and never kept as part of people's lives.

Is it bad to give religious articles as gifts?


Does England give out Christmas gifts?

no, but they have bad teeth.

How many gifts does santa give to every child?

It depends if the child has been good or bad

Why was sacrifice important in Greek mythology?

It is to give "gifts" to the gods so the gods wouldn't do anything bad to the people or give them hardships.

2002 Lincoln Navigator has moonroof stuck all the way back Will make whirring sound when pressed to move back but when pressed to move forward will not move?

bad switch

What is the dangers of computer?

it could give u a bad back :(

How can you get over a bad relationship you had in the past and move on?

the best thing you can do is get back into dating. even if you know that you are not looking for someone else, you give yourself the illision that you are. you will never fully get over the bad relationship, but you can at least mask the pain

Does Santa Claus give presents to children who have not behaved the way they should have?

It is believed he gives the bad children coal for Christmas and not gifts.

Does ferrous sulphate give you really bad period pains?

I'd love to know that I'm on them tablets for my iron can they Give you bad pains :( I get them so bad that half the time I can't move

How do you get you ex back after a bad break up and she just ignores you?

you don't, move on

What happens if you give the car back to the dealership?

you get a bad record on your credit

What is a custom in Italy?

There are some customs that you should be aware of if traveling in and around Italy. One such custom is, if giving gifts to hosts or friends, do not give chrysanthemums as they are used at funerals. Also, do not wrap gifts in purple, which is seen as bad luck.

Why do dogs give treats back to their owner?

because they are nasty and they look bad!

Can you get your account back?

It depends on what you did, if you did something really bad like swore or did dirty things then they will less likely give you your account back but if you keep on pestering them they will give up.

Can you give a sentence for the word cranky?

The old lady was cranky because of her bad back.

How do you get your parents to give you your iPod back if you had bad grades?

try earning better grades

Are you likely to go back to someone who treated you bad and that you dumped?

No, if they treated you bad then you were right to break up with them in the first place. It's time to move on.

What does a Killer Bee have to help it move?

wings and a points back to hurt people doing bad stuff to it

How do buddists beliefs about karma affect their journey of life?

cause they think if they do something bad it will hit them back and give them bad luck

What is a bad move in chess called?

A bad move in chess is called a "blunder".

How do you move on from a bad friend?

you forget about him/her and make fun of him/her until his name pops out then if he comes back beat him up.

Good secret santa gifts?

he is bad because he pretends to be real when he is not

What kind of gifts did the Irish get on Christmas if they are bad?

They got a piece of coal.

Is it bad luck to use shower gifts before wedding day?

Shower and wedding gifts are given to the couple to start out their life anew. There is no correlation whether it is bad luck or not to use any of the shower gifts before the wedding day, but just the great feeling of having all new gifts to start the beginning of the rest of your lives.