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Could Aesop write his fables on paper?

No Aesop was illiterate. All his fable were first an oral tradition then somebody wrote them down.

Did aesop find it hard to write fables?

Aesop was a slave and could neither read nor write. All his fables come down to us through oral traditions.

Was it possible for Aesop to write his fable on paper?

No, he was a slave for most of his life.

Which fables did Aesop write?

He wrote tons of fables including "The Grasshopper and the Ant" and "The Lion and the Mouse."

How did aesop write his fables?

It's been very difficult to answer this question. But from what I've found out many believed that Aesop didn't exactly write his fables or that he even ever existed at all.

What kind of stories did Aesop write?

he wrote fables which always had a moral

Did Aesop write the epic poems The Iliad and the Odyssey?

No. Homer wrote both. Aesop wrote short fables.

What Stories did Aesop Write?

Aesop wrote many, many fables. These were moral stories that featured animal characters. Some examples include 'Country Mouse and City Mouse,' 'The Tortoise and the Hare,' and 'The Fox and the Crow.'

How many fables did Aesop write?

I don't know exactly how many but the Aesop's fables were preserved principally trough Barrius,Phaedrus,Planudes Maximus,and La Fontaine's verse translations.The most famous of these fables include "The Fox and the Grapes" and "The Tortoise and the Hare"

When did Aesop write his fables?

The historians are not all in agreement on whether all the fables were written by Aesop or if he was a storyteller who collected and told stories written by others. Most believe he wrote most of what are attributed to him. He is mentioned in historical records and described as a slave and storyteller in ancient Greece who lived from 620-560 BC. So it is theorized that the most of his fables would have been written in the 6th century B.C.

Who owns the copy rights to Aesop's fables?

Aesop died long before the Roman Empire did. This was long before there was copy write protection and even if there was, it expired long ago. The fables entered the public domain a long long time ago.

Why did Aesop write his fables?

I'm sorry to say no matter how much Internet research i have done, there doesn't seem to be an answer.. but i would love to know the answer if anybody knows it, sorry this isn't much help x

Why did Aesop write and collect fables?

Fables are very useful as teaching stories. They each demonstrate one or more moral truths that are fun to discover, and that told in such a way that no person is exposed and humiliated. They are used to teach, not punish. Some of them are very ancient, perhaps tens or hundreds of thousands of years old.

Did Aesop write the tortoise and the hare?

i don't know did your mom write it

Did Shakespeare write fables?

Shakespeare is not famous for have been written fables, but he did. He wrote one intitled "The tree and the reed".

What was the first fable aesop wrote?

Aesop was a slave and could not actually write. He told his stories and others wrote them down later. Therefore, it is hard to know which fable Aesop told first.

Why do authors write fables?

Most of the time it is to teach people lessons.

Why did Aesop write the tortoise and the hare?

to teach that slow and steady is better then fast and careless

When was Aesop's first fable written?

Aesop could not read or write because he was a slave

Did Aesop write The Three Little Pigs?

No, I'm pretty sure it was the Grimm brothers.

Why did Aesop write fables?

he did because it was a way to make him and other people happy. whenever he told them they all had morals so that the other slaves he worked with all had a glimmer of hope that the days of torture would soon be over and the people who had bought them to work for them would drawv the short straw this time.

How do you draft a paper?

you write out what you are going to write on the stinkin paper

I write on the paper What it's passive voice?

"The paper is written on by me" is the passive equivalent of "I write on the paper."

Why is it important to write a rough draft?

It is important to write a rough draft because if you just write a final draft there is a 70% chance there are some corrections that need to made. If you want the best possible grade, or the best possible paper, DO A ROUGH DRAFT.

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