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Yes, it was Kane who wore the red and black mask. He wore it because he was badly burnt.

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Q: Was it really Kane when he wore the mask?
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Why is Kane without the mask bigger and taller than Kane when he wore the mask?

because his older now.

Why did Kane where a mask?

kane wore a mask becaues he did not want to shave his hair and people made a foul of his hair

Will masked Kane return to WWE?

well no one really knows beside Kane the mask wont be coming back for a while because he only wore the mask because when he was young he was in a tragic fire when he was about9 or8 I'm just guessing.

Did Kane get burned?

Yes, when he was a boy. Undertaker Accidentally burnt the house down and Kane got burned in the face. He wore a mask to cover up the scars, but somehow the scars vanished so then he stopped wearing his mask.

Is Kane face really burnt?

Kane's face is not burned. The terrifying story behind Kane's wearing of the mask was the creative work of Katie Vick.

When did Kane took off his mask?

On the 6/23/03 episode of Monday Night Raw, Triple H defended the World Heavyweight Championship against Kane in a No Hold Barred Match. Raw General Manager, Eric Bishoff stated that if Kane lost, he would have to unmask. Triple H won with help from Evolution and as a result, Kane had to unmask. When Kane removed the mask, it was revealed that the mask Kane wore had a wig attached to it as Kane was completely bald headed. Kane Chokeslammed his own tag team partner, Rob Van Dam and became a rule-breaker.

Is the masked Kane bigger the than the regular Kane?

No, They are both the same people. Glenn Jacobs wore the mask but he was forced to take it on in 2003 after losing a match. Glenn Jacobs is still Kane. hell yes his dick is bigger

What is Kane's mask made from?

kane's mask was made from vinyl

How come Kane's right eye is different?

It's a $200 contact lense. He's been using it since his debut when he wore the mask.

Will Kane re-mask in 2010?

Kane hates taking off his mask,SO HE WILL REMASK!

Who stole Kane's mask?

Go to youtube and search Kane takes his mask off. You will see that Kane took it off when he was in the ring with Rob Van Dam and Kane chokeslams him.

Who burned Kane face?

Actually the storyline goes as this... The Undertaker is Kane's older brother, and when they were little Undertaker set his house on fire and killed his parents and badly burned Kane's face, The Undertaker thought his brother was dead but found out later he was alive and Kane wore the mask to cover up his scars... in the storyline anyway

What was the reason for Kane's unmasking and why did they make him so much more weaker?

Kane unmasking was not his decision, Kane wanted to keep the mask as it was a large part of his character. A storyline writer came up with the idea and it was given the go ahead. Kane fought to keep his mask but it was to no avail. Kane didn't even want to change his mask to the one he had with no mouth cover but again it was out of his hands. Kane losing the mask is very unfortunate because it was who Kane was, this was a big mistake in my opinion. They should have listened to him and let him keep the mask. Kane is still one of the most dominant superstars ever to grace the WWF/WWE but Kane as a character will never be the same without his mask

Is Kane brothers with Kane with the mask?

No they are the same person

How did Kane lose his mask?

because he had a match which was championship vs mask. Kane lost the match but he still didn't want to take his mask off. so they send ed rob van dam Kane's tag team partner to intimidate him Kane took off the mask but the he chokeslames rob van dam/

What happend to Kane's eye?

nothing happened it's just that that's not the real Kane as in that's not the same Kane who had the mask on nouthing really he just put a contact color len on one of them that's how marlyn Manson got his eyes

Did Kane get burned as a kid?

Through the WWE storyline it is said that Kane was burned in a fire as a child. The storyline revealed the Undertaker (Kane's half-brother in WWE) started the fire that burned him. This is why Kane wore his mask when he made his debut in WWE. Kane's eye is different to his other eye because it was burned. However, this is only a storyline because Glenn Jacobs (Kane) uses contacts to show Kane's past.

Why rey mysterio mask is in Kane bag?

Cause Kane whipped his ace and stole it and he was jealous that reys mask was more comfortable then his old one ha ha( in storyline) hopefully Kane puts his mask back on.

How do you make Kane's mask and hair WWE?

Well, Kane's mask is made of leather and his hair is a wig and Kane does have hair now but not long yet, almost though.

Why did they stop the imposter Kane gimmick and what happened to him after the Kane vs Kane match?

Kane got his mask and killed the fate Kane

Why had Kane put his mask?

Kane had his mask because it made him more powerful and unstoppable that even if big had a fight with him Kane would crush big show like an ant

Is Kane going to wrestle with a mask again?

Don't say never...... malaysian request wwe Kane back with mask again

Why Kane is wearing a mask?

he doesn't wear a mask anymore

Will Kane re-mask in 2011?

No, Kane will not Re-mask in 2011 and probably never again. Kane said in a recent interview that the WWE is about expressing emotion with the face, and he also complained that the mask limited his ability to do some things. Vince McMahon and Glenn Jacobs (Kane) both said that the Kane character had gone as far as it could go under the mask and Vince felt the Kane character needed to change. So I don't think that Kane is going to remask anytime soon and infact he will properly never wear that mask again. (Thank God)

What is in kane's bag?

Rey Mysterio's mask was inside Kane's bag.