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Q: Was it the real captain of the maid of the mist in the tv show the office wedding episode?
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Is the Captain fillmed on the office wedding episode marrying Jim and Pam is the real captain of maid of the mist?

Not sure if he is A captain of one of the Maid of the Mist boats, or just an actor, but this does present a technical error...Even though it is believed to be a regular event, a ship's captain generally doesn't have the legal right to perform a wedding at sea. In order for a Captain of a ship to perform a marriage at sea, he must be a judge, a justice of the peace, a minister or an officially recognize officiant such as a Notary Public.Also, they weren't AT SEA, they were in the middle of a river. And not to nitpick, but Jim and Pam are both presumably American citizens. The Maid of the Mist docks in Canada.

How many maid of honnors can you have in a wedding?

you are allowed to have as many maid of honors as you would like at your wedding

Is it bad luck to have the same maid of honor for second wedding?

No, it is not bad luck to have the same maid of honor at your second wedding. You have that particular maid of honor because you are close friends.

What is a man of honor in a wedding?

There is a "Maid of Honor" at a wedding but traditionally there is no such role as a "Man of Honor". The male equivalent of the maid of honor is known as the best man.

What episode of maid Sama was misa Chan drunk?

it was episode 14

How old do you have to be to be a maid of honor in a wedding?

Generally the maid of honor in a wedding party is either close to the age of the bride or even older, but there is nothing written in stone where the maid of honor cannot be younger than the bride.

What Pokemon episode did ash dressup as a maid?

Ash dressed up as a maid in the Diamond and Pearl episode number 062, 'Tanks for the memories!'.

What episode does misaki get stalked in kaicho wa maid Sama?

every episode.....

What episode of maid Sama do you meet Tora in?

Episode 7 and 8 :D

Will there be a Kaichou wa maid Sama episode 27?

No, but in April 2011 a episode of kwms will be premiered titled "kaichou WA maid sama special"

Does someone have to be married in order to be the maid of honor at a wedding?

No, the MAID of honor is unmarried, whereas the MATRON of honor is married.

How can I find who was a brides maid in a wedding?

If you know the parents of the bride or groom then you could ask them. It is the best man and the maid of honor who sign the wedding registry at the church as witnesses, so you wouldn't be able to track down the brides maid that way.

Why do people throw bouquets at weddings?

It's a symbol to show which wedding attender will fall in love next. Many times the brides maid(s) are in the front or in the back of the group, but that all depends on if the bride has a good arm. Whichever gives them a bigger advantage over the other attenders. Then at the wedding for the brides maid who caught the bouquet (assuming it was a bride's maid to catch it) the bride at the current wedding is the bride's maid for the upcoming bride's maid's wedding. It is a very well thought out tradition.

Should maid of honor wear something different than the bride in a casual wedding?

The Maid of Honor should wear something different than the Bride in ANY wedding (trust me!)

How long before wedding should you pick your maid of honor?

Wedding parties are ideally picked around 6 months before the wedding.

What color should the maid of honor wear if the bridesmaids have apple red on?

It depends on what colors you have chosen for your wedding (usually people choose two wedding colors). Since your bridesmaids are wearing red, I will assume that red is one color you have chosen for your wedding. What is the other color? Have your maid of honor wear your other wedding color.Another suggestion is your maid of honor can wear pink.

What day did maid Marian get married to Robin hood?

on their wedding day!

Does the best man speak before the maid of honor at a wedding?

Yes, the best man speaks before the maid of honor.

Who is the maid of honor for the royal wedding?

I assume you are talking about Kate Middleton, so in her case, her younger sister is her maid of honour.

Can you be your own maid of honor in your wedding?

* No, you cannot be your own Maid of Honor at your wedding. Not all weddings have a Maid of Honor or Bridesmaids and keep it simple and the bride may just walk down the aisle on her father's arm which is still a traditional way of getting married. A Maid of Honor is to tend to the needs of the bride.

How many gifts does a maid of honor give a bride?

* The Maid of Honor should give the bride a gift at one or more wedding showers that she attends. The gifts don't have to be that expensive. Then the wedding gift.

Seinfeld's dialog coach Judy Kerr is not in which episode?

The Maid

Is maid Sama episode 22 subbed yet?


Who pays for the brides maid dresses?

The bride usually pays for it but if they use a lot of money on the wedding you would pay for it if you were the brides maid.

What are the release dates for Don't Be Tardy for the Wedding - 2012 Maid of Dishonor 1-6?

Don't Be Tardy for the Wedding - 2012 Maid of Dishonor 1-6 was released on: USA: 24 May 2012