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The sentence translates to "What is your occupation/job?" (informal).

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Q: Was machst du zum beruf in English?
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Was machst du gerade?

Was zum Teufel machst du = "What the hell are you doing?"

Was machst du bis?

"Was machst du bis" = What are you doing until. For example "Was machst du bis Mittag" = What are you doing until midday.

Was machst du grade?

Was machst du gerade? = "What are you doing right now?"

Was machst du in Japan?

Was machst Du in Japan translates as What do you do in Japan?orWhat are you doing in Japan?

Was machst du dass ist Deutsch?

Was machst du dass is German but makes no sense. It translates as What are you doing that

Was machst du und sara?

"Was machst du und sara?" = What are you and Sara doing? Du = friendly "you", to someone you are on first name terms with.

What are you doing in German?

"Was machst du?" or "Was tust du?"

What does 'und was machst du heute noch' mean?

"Und was machst du heute noch?" means "And what are you doing today?"

Machst du das mit dem übersetzer mean?

Machst Du das mit dem Übersetzer? translates as Are you doing that with the translato?

How do you say do you in German?

machst du? is the translation in German. It is translated from English to German. German is mostly spoken in the European countries.

What do you do in your weekends?

What do you do for your weekend = Was machst du an den Wochenenden

How do you say what are you doing in German?

In german, it is Was machst du