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nahhss she was really really pretty woman whose prettiest feature was her hair....

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Is the evil god Medusa and Hades real?

They are real to those who believe in them. However, Medusa was both female and not a god, and although Medusa was considered a monster, Hades wasn't exactly 'evil'.

Is Medusa an evil goddess?

Medusa was a beautiful female turn into a hideous monster(some also call her a Titan/Gorgon).She was evil bc of hatred.

What is a description of Medusa?

Medusa was turned into a monster by Goddess Athena. Medusa is and evil monster which has got a power to turn people into stone with her big, piercing eyes. She is a monster even though when she was younger she was an arrogant and beautiful lady which men would fight over. She has got a son whose name is Zytan.

What kind of monster was Medusa?

She is a Gorgon, Gorgons are women that are hediousley revolting and ugly from being cursed, Like Medusa, she used to be a beautiful woman but then she got cursed by a goddess and transformed into an ugly, evil snake-haired woman.

Is Medusa evil of good?

Medusa is a snake woman that is the queen of the gorgon sisters, yes she is very evil! If you look at her in the eyes, she will turn you into a stone.

What turned Medusa evil?

She was cursed by Athena.

Why was Medusa beheaded?

She was evil, why do people get put in jail.

Why is Medusa so evil?

she turns people to stone

Why was Medusa evil?

I'll make this as simple as possible. Poseidon, the sea god, was dating Medusa. Medusa was a beautiful woman at the time. Poseidon and Medusa snuck into Athena's house. Athena caught them together in her house and turned Medusa into what she is.

Is Medusa good?

Medula was evil, this is attributed to the fact that she was ugly. She was evil because she was not immortal like her two sisters.

Can a monster kill a demon?

If a monster is evil he cannot kill a demon.

What are the evil monster at monster rancher 2?

Naga, Joker, Dragon are what I know.

Is medusa from soul eater good or bad?

Medusa-sama is very, very evil. She abused her son (or daughter) Chrona and tries to create another kishin

What celebrity is Medusa like?

She is like Madonna :Dcrazy and evil looking(: (: (:no offence

What is the name of the monster in Resident Evil 2?

The name of the monster in the Resident Evil 2 game is named G who is actually William Birkin after being infected by the G virus, but in the Resident Evil: Apocalypse the monster is named nemesis who is Matt from the first movie.

Which characters are in perseus and Medusa?

okay here's all that I know... Perseus - the hero medusa - the non-human demon/monster the 3 grey sisters - they only have one eye and one tooth between them and Perseus steals it from them in order to be told where medusa's lair is two gods/godesses - the donors who give perseus his shoes and sword to kill medusa. perseus' mum - she is captured by the evil king evil king ( can't remember name!!) - is in love with perseus' mum but she refuses to marry him so he captures her. thats all of them, i think:)

How is the evil gorgon's head is beneficial to Perseus?

Using the head of Medusa, Perseus is able to destroy the Ketos (the monster to which Andromeda was to be sacrificed) and kill the conniving Polydectes. Some versions also have him using the head to kill his grandfather Acrisius, as well.

Is Medusa evil like the devil?

No, she was not. A Greek "daemon" is not a "demon" or "devil" it is a divinely born deity.

How was the monster described by Victor Frankenstein?

Victor Frankenstein described the monster with evil, murderer, destroyer...

What does the cookie monster fear?

The cookie monster fears cookies. The cookie monster fears maddy because she is one evil cookie loving monster with 8 legs...

Why do Halloween have monster?

Halloween is a holiday about the evil creatures comingout so the monster represent those creatures.

Is medusa a greek god?

medusa is a god the strongest god ever. When she walked anyone she hated died.Well kind of..... more like a Greek goddess.

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