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Yes it was invented in Italy.

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Q: Was pizza invented in Italy
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Related questions

Where in Italy is pizza from?

Pizza was not originally made/invented in Italy it was made/invented in Uruguay.

Did Italy invent pizza?

Italy invented pizza Actually Greece invented it, Italy took the credit.

Where do you get pizza from?

Pizza was invented in Italy.

What state invented pizza?

pizza was invented in Italy if you were looking for a state in Italy idk

What countrey invented pizza?

it was invented in Italy

Did Greece invent pizza?

No, pizza was invented in Italy.

Was pizza invented in France?

Pizza is originally from Italy.

Which country invented pizza?


What foods were invented in Italy?


What nation invented pizza?


When was pizza invented in italy?


What was somthing invented in Italy?


What country was pizza invented?

Pizza was invented in the country of Italy

What city in Italy was pizza invented?


When was noodles invented?

in pizza land in antarctica in italy in a cookie

What foods was invented in italy?

pizza and pasta garlic bread

How popular is pizza in Italy?

Pizza is popular in Italy, where it was invented, but the way Italians eat pizza is different than the way Americans eat it. In Italy pizza is usually considered a snack food that is consumed by the slice for a snack. It is usually not eaten as the whole meal like it is in the US.

Who invented margarita pizza?

Pizza started on the streets of Italy. Queen Margarita wanted to try some pizza when she vistied, so they created a pizza named after her!

What was invented in Italy?

Italy is the home of the ice cream cone, the typewriter, eyeglasses, men's cologne, and pizza!!

Where is pizza famous from?

Pizza (as in a flat bread covered with flavorings) was invented by the ancient Greeks; but modern pizza was created in Italy in the 16th century.

Was thick Pizza invented in Sicily?

Thick pizza is not a specialty from Sicily, it can be found in Northern and Central Italy too.

Which country invented pizza first?

It Greek or Greece it not Italy or Italian.

What region of Italy is the chicken and goat cheese pizza from?

This so-called pizza could not possibly have originated in Italy. It is much more likely have been invented somewhere in the USA.

Where was pizza first made?

There are four main countries which claim to have invented pizza: Italy, Greece, Israel and the United States.

Which country really invented pizzA?

Pizza comes from the area around the Kingdom of Naples, now modern day Italy.