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No, the president in the wheelchair was president Franklin D. Roosevelt after he had developed polio

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No, President Kennedy was not in a wheelchair. He did have some health issues, including chronic Back pain, but he was not dependent on a wheelchair for mobility.

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Q: Was president Kennedy in a wheelchair?
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Was there a wheelchair in the White House during John F. Kennedy's term?

Yes there where wheelchair in the white house during jfk's term.

Why was President Herbert Hoover in a wheelchair?

Hoover was never in a wheelchair while President. You are probably confused with Franklin Roosevelt, who suffered from the effects of polio.

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No, Joseph Kennedy was the father of President John F. Kennedy.

How did Lyndon Johnson become president?

Lyndon Johnson was Vice President to President John F. Kennedy. Johnson became president following Kennedy's assassination in 1963.

Was John F. Kennedy the 38 president?

Kennedy was our 35th president.

What was President John F. Kennedy's last name?

The name is in your question "Kennedy". That is why he is called President Kennedy.

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LBJ took over for Kennedy after his death.

What was president Kennedy's middle name?

The middle name of President Kennedy was Fitzgerald.

What was the policy President Kennedy recommended in 1963?

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President Kennedy was born in Brookline, Massachusetts.

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Robert Kennedy was never elected president. He was killed while campaigning for president in California by Sirhan Sirhan.