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home rule was on its way but would probably not have come so quickly or been so extensive without the rising.

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Q: Was the 1916 Easter Rising necessary for Ireland to gain Home Rule?
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When was the Easter Uprising in ireland?

On Easter Monday in 1916, the Easter rising began. Easter Monday was on the 24th of April in 1916. The rising lasted until the 30th of April 1916.

Where did the 1916 Easter Rising take place?


What year was a rebellion of the Easter rising staged in Ireland in Easter week?


The Easter Rising was a rebellion staged in Ireland in Easter Week of which year?


The Easter rising was a rabileye staged in Ireland in Easter week of which year?


What year did the Easter rising take place in Ireland?

In 1916.

What is a major event in Ireland history?

The Easter Rising of 1916.

Why was there an Easter Rising?

The Easter Uprising of 1916 in Ireland was an attempt by some Irish Repbulicans to throw the British out of Ireland.

What happened in Ireland in 1916?

The most famous event of 1916 in Ireland was the Easter Rising, which is a major event for Ireland in historical terms.

In Ireland what happened around the time 1916?

The most famous event in Ireland in 1916 was the revolution, often called the Easter Rising, because it began on Easter Monday of 1916.

What major event happened in Ireland in 1916?

The Easter Rising , also known as theEasterRebellion, was an armed insurrection in Ireland during Easter Week, 1916

What is the date of the Easter Rising?

Easter Monday, 24th April 1916! God save Ireland (we need it)

How many years did Ireland fight with Britain in the Easter rising 1916?

2 weeks

What is the Easter Rising in Ireland?

this is what lead to the formation of the republic of Ireland in 1916 as it is today, basically Ireland obtained its independance at this time (from the UK)

What are two important event's in the history of Ireland?

The 1916 Easter Rising. The Irish Civil War.

When was the Easter Rising Dublin?

the Rising took place at Easter 1916

What happened in Ireland at the time of 1916?

Many things. The most significant was the Easter Rising which happened in April that year.

What year was the Easter rising?


When was the Easter up rising?


What was the 1916 Easter Rising?

The 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland This was an attempt by some Irish nationalists to gain independence from Britain by force during WW1. Most of the leaders of the uprising were shot. It started a process which eventually led to Ireland's independence in 1922.

How long did the 1916 Easter rising last?

The Easter Rising lasted 6 days, starting on the 24th of April and finishing on the 29th of April 1916.

What happened in 1916 that had something to do about Ireland?

The Easter Rising happened in 1916 when the Irish rebels fought the British to gain independence. 5/6th of the Island do so by 1921.

When did the Easter rising end?

It started on the 24th of April 1916, which was Easter Monday. It ended on the 30th of April, 1916.

What are tow important events in Ireland?

In terms of historical events, the famine and the 1916 Easter Rising. In terms of things that happen, The All-Ireland Football Final and The All-Ireland Hurling Final.

Leader of 1916 Easter rising?

Padraig Pearse.