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the Korean War was before the Vietnam War because it was right after ww2 the Korean war started in 1950

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Q: Was the Korean War before or after the Vietam War?
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Related questions

Did the Korean war come before or after the cold war?

The Korean War was part of the Cold War.

What were the opponents of the vietam war called?


When did the vietam war end?

August 1974

Was the Vietnam war before the Korean War?


What caused the war in vietam?

they started it to stop communist

Did the United States Congress stop funding for the Vietam War?


How was America before the Korean war?


Did McCarthyism start before the Korean War?


Did the united state fight in the korean was before or after sending troops to vietnam?

the korean war was before vietnam

What was the war right before the Vietnam war?

The Korean War 1950-1953.

What happened in the US before the Korean War?


What war was before viet nam?

The Korean War was before Vietnam that the United States was involved in.

How did the US public feel after and before the vietam war?

Prior to Vietnam, few if anyone ever heard of it. After Vietnam, they wished they never heard of it.

President in the vietam war?

President Johnson,President Nixon, and President Ford

How did the Americans view the Korean war?

WW2 had just ended 5 years before the Korean war and the American people had little use for another war.

When did neo-nazism began?

Directly after World War two. Before the Korean War.

When does the Korean War end and begin?

The Korean War official started on 1950 and ended on 1953, although conflict started before 1950.

Who was the boxer stripped of his title for refusing to fight in the vietam war?

mohammad ali clay

How does the Korean war effect the now?

before the war, korea was divided; after the war, korea is still divided.

Truman Korean War?

Harry Truman was US president for most of the Korean War; he was succeeded by Dwight Eisenhower a few months before the war ended in 1953.

Who was winning the Korean War before china entered?

The South Koreans

What was Americas foreign policy before the Korean War?

Communist containment.

Was world war 2 before the Korean war?

yes it was. the Korean conflict wasnt until the fifties and ww2 ended with the atomic bomb in the forties.

Did the Challenger space shuttle blow up before or after the Korean War?

After... way after. The Korean War (or Conflict) was the early 1950's... Challenger was 86

Did the 38th parallel divided Korea before the war?

38th parallel divided Korea before the Korean war, the 38th parallel was built before the war in 1945

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