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Q: Was the Russian revolution planned for a long time?
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What impact did Karl Marx had with the Russian revolution?

We must be clear that when speaking of the Russian revolution, there are two possibilities. One was the women's day revolution leading into the Kerensky provisional government, or the one that soon followed: the so-called "October Revolution". Usually, when referring to the Russian Revolution, the Lenin-lead October Revolution is implied. Karl Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto which described the Marxist communist political ideology. This ideology was the one that revolutionaries Lenin and Trotsky wanted to implement in the Russian society with the Russian revolution. Marxism was however not fully adopted. Lenin made alterations to the ideology and created Leninist Marxist Communism, usually reffered to only as Leninism. Leninism stipulates that the armed revolution Marx predicted would not be successful unless guided by a revolutionary elite. Marx had stated that the revolution would simply erupt as a natural response to evils inherent in class-based societies, and did not seem to think that Lenin's guidance was needed. However, Marx's impact on the Russian revolution was purely in ideology. Marx took no active part in the revolution, as he was dead at the time of it (1917)

What were two major events which occurred in 1917?

That is just perfetic... World War one was happening. The major part of it.. 1917 was the main part of the war... and started agreements at this time

One result of the revolution in Russia was that?

There were many results to the Russian Revolution of 1917. One of the most important of which were the murder of the Romanovs and the impending Russian Civil War. In addition to the above, there were two revolutions in Russia in 1917. In March of 1917, soldiers refused to fire on striking workers, and the Duma rejected Czarist commands to dissolve. Realizing he had lost control of the government, Czar Nicholas II abdicated the throne. This resulted in the creation of a new Provisional Government. Conditions did not improve in Russia after the first revolution. The second revolution was in November of 1917. This was the Bolshevik revolution which brought on the communist dictatorship and most relevant at the time was Lenin's withdrawal from WW1. This was a promise he made to the Germans in order for them to help him return to Russia from his exile.

Who led the revolution against the Czars of Russia?

Lenin ended up taking charge. There were two Russian Revolutions in 1917. The first, the February Revolution was not led by anyone. It began as a spontaneous demonstration by some women who were complaining about having to wait in line in the cold for hours to get bread. Eventually more and more people came into the streets demonstrating about other problems. The disturbances grew and spread to other cities. Tsar Nicholas II could not get the police or military forces to restore order and his ministers convinced him he had to abdicate to stop the rioting so he did. The Provisional Government under Prince Georgy Lvov then took over, but Lvov had not started or led the revolution. It just happened. In the second revolution, the October Revolution, Vladimir Lenin planned and staged what was actually a military coup by his Bolshevik followers agaisnt Russia's Provisional Government by that time under Alexander Kerensky. It was not really a true "revolution" in the usual sense of the word.

What US President started the French Revolution?

As far as I'm aware, The French Revolution was started by the French, not by George Washington, who was and had been the only US President at the time of the French Revolution. Unless the Americans have built a time machine.

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Was American revolution planned for a long time?

Randy Brock

What of the following was not true at the time of the Russian Revolution?

The Russian Revolution never happened. :)

What was the condition of the Russian revolution when Lenin died?

The Russian Revolution as well as the Russian Civil War were both concluded successfully by the time Lenin died in 1924.

A study of the causes of the American Revolution of 1776 the French Revolution of 1789 and the Russian Revolution of 1917 best supports the generalization that revolution is most likely to occur when-?

In the past. They all happened a long time ago and wwe are all over it.

Who was the Czarina of Russia at the time of the Russian Revolution?

The Czarina at the time of the Russian Revalution was Alexadra. Alexandra was the granddaughter of Queen Victoria. Because of this relationship at the time of the Revolution she had cousins on the throne of Germany, Romania, Spain, England, Norway and Greece.

What was happening at the time of the Russian revolution?

the russians killed all the amercians and pissed on them

What as the time period of the Russian Revolution in Doctor Zhivago?

The Russian Revolution was in 1917. The movie Dr Zhivago starts in 1913 right before World War I (1914 to 1918) continues throughout the Russian Revolution which occurred in 1917. It then ends sometime in the Stalinist Era which lasted from 1927 to 1953.

Who was the czar of russia at the time of the revolution?

Czar Nicholas II Romanov was Czar at the time of the Russian Revolutions in 1917. He abdicated the throne after the February Revolution and was out of the picture entirely by the October Revolution of 1917.

How long is the revolution time of Venus's?

225 days is the revolution time on Venus.

Why did the war intensify on the Western Front after the second Russian revolution?

because they didn't have time to prepare

Did Russian soldiers support the Russian revolution?

Russia didn't exist during this time... Obviously...and there are no such thing as soldiers, especially not in Europe innand around wwi

Who was a leader and a hero of the Russian Revolution Lenin Stalin or Marx?

Lenin was the leader and hero of the October Revolution of 1917, but had nothing to do with the February Revolution in 1917. Stalin was a subordinate to Lenin at the time so he was not a leader at all. Karl Marx had died by the time of the revolution, so aside from planting the ideas of socialism, communism and a revolt by the people in their minds, he had nothing to do with the revolution itself. well this is helpfull