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Was the South the Confederates in the war?


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Yes- the South was the Confederacy - the North, the Union


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It was the south against the north. The Union (North), The confederates (South).

the confederates were the south, who lacked manpower but made up for it in determination and good miliatary leaders.

The North were referred to as the Union troops and the South was called the Confederates. Their nicknames were the North Yankees and the South Rebels.

Union (north) and confederates (south)

No, after the Confederate States of America lost the civil war, there were no more Confederates. They lost the war.

The Confederates. It was one of the Upper South states that were the last to join the Confederates.

The civil war was the North and south or the Union and Confederates

The North, Union, and the South, Confederates.

Yes it is in the south of the United States and fought for the Confederates during the civil war.

The North - that is, the Union, or the states that had remained loyal. The South (the Confederates) lost the war.

the confederates were the south the union was the north

The South was called Confederates and the North was called Unions.

in Richmond Virginia. the confederates capital.

they fought on the side of the south or confederates

Rebels, Confederates, Dixie, or Dixieland

The North and the Confederates were the South

The southern side was known as the Confederates.

the two parts in the civil war were the union(north, against slavery) and the confederates (south, supporting slavery) and the union won after the confederates surrendered!

If the confederates won the civil war, slavery would be legal throughout the U.S. But, then the south would have its own country.

Yes. Stonewall Jackson was one of the greater generals of the war and fought for the Confederates or the South.

During the Civil War era, it was the South that allowed slavery. They were known as the Confederates.

Southerners, secessionists, Confederates, rebels,

The Union of the North, and the Confederates of the South fought in the US Civil War.

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