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It was an army of statues (Terra cotta is a clay ceramic and means "burnt earth" in Italian). By the way, the weapons in their hands are real. In addition to the weapons, the faces of the Terra Cotta Army are individual. No two are alike. Whatever the reason for the statues, they were more than an emperor's life-sized "green army men."

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Why did they make the terracotta army in china?

the terracotta army was in chin coz it just was

What objects wanted to attack Shihuangdi in China and were always blocked by the Terracotta Army?

The Terracotta Army can actually provide little protection to the emperor's tomb. It is just a kind of privilege that was taken into his afterlife.

Who painted the terracotta army?

Yes the Terracotta army were painted but not many have paint any more as once they are exposed to fresh air the paint and lacquer will curl and fall off in just 15 seconds.

What is the terracotta warriors definition?

The Terracotta Warriors isnt a definition .....well it has a definition but.....well.......i mean.....ok let me just say it like this the terracotta army is a army thats made out of clay made to look just like real chinese verterans i dont know exactly who made the army but i do know it took a lifetime and geographers still find some of the army THINGIES today in china. I hope this somewhat helped you!

What is the pyramid the the Terracotta Army surrounds?

There is no pyramid just Qin Shi Huangdi's tomb.

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How long did it take to build the Terracotta Army?

Viewpoint 1Construction of the Terracotta Army began in 221 BCE with the unification of China and ended in 209 BCE. It took around 10 years.Viewpoint 2Construction of the Terracotta Army began in 246 BCE when King Ying Zheng (Shihuangdi) assumed the throne and ended in 206 BCE. It took around 40 years. Construction of the tomb continued after the death of Qin Shihuangdi -- the work only stopped in in 206 BCE because the Qin dynasty fell -- it was incomplete.Viewpoint 1The Construction started in 221 BCE when Qin Shihuang became the emperor of China, the Terracotta Army was customized for a emperor, a king did not have the privilege to use it, moreover the tomb of Terracotta Army and the mausoleum of Qin Shihuang are not one thing, they are two parts.The Construction ended in 209 BCE (approximate time) by Qin Ershi (son of Qin Shihuang). It was not incomplete but the rest work was shoddy, just buried the emperor, his mortuary objects and the Terracotta Army. That also cost some time because the emperor's sudden death in 210 BCE (he thought he would never die). It is unreasonable for a son to leave his father's body out of the place he chose to rest about 4 years after his death. In 206 BCE, the whole country was in chaos when many people rebelled so it is not allowed for the construction.

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