Terracotta Army

Questions relating to the ancient Terracotta Army from the tomb of Emperor Qin.

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Terracotta Army

What reign did the terracotta warriors live in?

They were made for the emperor's mausoleum during the Qin Dynasty under the rule of Qin Shi Huangdi. The first emperor of China.

Terracotta Army

How was the terracotta warriors concealed?

the famous terracotta warriors were concealed by burying them is earth, today they are one of most popular tourist sights of the nation, even perhaps the world.

Terracotta Army

Why was the Terracotta Army built?

The Terracotta Army was built to protect the tomb of Qin Shihuang, the first emperor of China, to boast his power and show loyalty to him after his death.

The Terracotta Army was made in order to help the Emperor of Qin (Qin Shi Huangdi) in 210-209 BC rule in the "afterlife." The warriors were buried with the Emperor of Qin in hopes that in the next life they would be his army. For this reason they are often dubbed "Qin's Army."

Like the Ancient Egyptians, the Emperor Qin believed inanimate objects such as statues of people or animals, or sculptures of food would come alive in the afterlife. The Emperor had the terracotta constructed in the belief that he would be as powerful in the spirit world as he was in the real world.

Terracotta Army

How was the terracotta soldiers concealed?

Hi well the terracotta army was buried in a well. Bye bye

Terracotta Army

What type of clay are the terracotta soldiers made of?

terecotta soldiers are made out of Terecotta clay wich is very strong.

Terracotta Army

How many soldiers are in the Terracotta Army?

Current estimates are that in the three pits containing the Terracotta Army there were over 8,000 soldiers, 130 chariots with 520 horses and 150 cavalry horses, the majority still buried in the pits.

Terracotta Army

When was the Terracotta Army made?

Viewpoint 1

Around 209 BCE, the Terracotta Army was made. That was over 2200 years ago.

Viewpoint 2

Construction started in 221 BCE and ended in 206 BCE with the fall of the Qin Dynasty.

Terracotta Army

Why the Xi'an Terracotta Warriors have no helmets?

Conjectures may be put forth according to this phenomenon, some are listed below. * At that time the common Chinese soldiers didn't have helmets, only the generals had. ----- Prior to Qin Dynasty, fully armored soldiers had already appeared in battles. In terms of Qin's national power, there is no constraint to the supply of helmets. * The Terracotta Warriors suffered a severe damage around 205-202 BC by the rebellion forces led by Xiang Yu. Nearly all the weapons of the Terracotta Warriors were robbed (the weapons are all real, not models) while some were burned. Some Terracotta Warriors even had their head cut off. ----- This historical event may be true, however, as we know the armors of these warriors are parts of terracotta statues. So should the helmets be, they wouldn't be taken off. Actually, Qin's infantry didn't have helmets because of their fighting method and custom, which is deeply affected by Qin's law legislated by Shang Yang (商鞅) through his political reform (商鞅变法). In this law, high value was put on battle merits embodied by enemies' heads got from battlefields. Thus, prize and promotion were linked with the quantity of heads. Head cutting was the top priority in these soldiers' mind. So they should always run fast, heavy armors became useless burdens, helmets were also discarded. In addition, Qin's deadly weapons and bravery of its soldiers make protection a trivial problem.

Terracotta Army

Where is the Terracotta Army?

The Terracotta Army is located at North Qinling Road, Lintong District of Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, China (中国陕西省西安市临潼区秦陵北路). This address also belongs to the Museum of the Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Qin Shihuang (秦始皇兵马俑博物馆), which was opened to the public in 1 October 1979. Now the Terracotta Army is protected and displayed here.

Terracotta Army

Did the terracotta army have girls?

No, Chinese govermants have strict limits on female jobs. But the biggest rule was that women could not join the army because they could get emotionaly involved with the men

Terracotta Army

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Terracotta Army

The entombed terracotta warriors were found in?


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Can you make terra cotta figures at home?

Certainly, yes. One can make terra-cotta figures at home. The only difficulty is about backing/firing the same, because the baking/firing is done in kiln. It is known as potter kiln and it is quite cumbersome and elaborate affair.

Terracotta Army

Did Qin Shi Huangdi own the Terracotta army?

First of all, you can call him "Qin Shihuang" or "Shi Huangdi", but not 'Qin Shi Huangdi".

Then, yes he owned the Terracotta army. They were built in order to protect the tomb of this emperor.

Terracotta Army

Who was the Terracotta Army built for?

They were built in the reign of Qin Shi-huang (秦始皇), the first emperor of Qin Dynasty.

Shihuang means the first emperor, and Qin is the name of the dynasty. This emperor thought he was so great that he called himself the first emperor. And the terracotta warriors were made for him.

Terracotta Army

How many terracotta soldiers were there?


Terracotta Army

Who built the Terracotta Army?

Following the order of Ying Zheng (Qin Shi-huang), the first emperor of Qin Dynasty, about 700,000 craftsmen were gathered together from all over the country to undertake this super-project.

The Terra-cotta army was built for an ancient chinese, Qin dynasty Ruler named Qin shuangdi. The emperor was terribly afraid of death and he asked all the potters across the land to make the soldiers to protect his body. The soldiers were actually life-sized models of actual soldiers, if a soldier did not pose for a soldier-statue, he would be beheaded.
The Terra-cotta army was built for an ancient Chinese, Qin dynasty Ruler named Qin shuangdi.

Terracotta Army

Are the Terracota Warriors in Shenzhen?

No, the Terracotta Warriors were preserved in the Museum of Terracotta Army in Xi'an. In 2005, some of them was once exhibited in Fuzhou, the city near Shenzhen, but have never been displayed in Shenzhen yet.

Terracotta Army

Did the workers that worked on the Terracotta Warriors get paid?

Yes, the laborage was allocated directly from the central government's treasury. However, the working condition was very poor compared with the pay, and efforts were not put out by voluntaries but fear of the supreme authority. So the workers were not care too much about the reward, finishing the job soon and going home safely was the best they expected.

Terracotta Army

What is the Terracotta Army made of?

The Terracotta Army was made of yellow clay, which is mainly composed of silicon oxide, aluminium oxide, ferric oxide, has the same structure and texture with Qin's eave tile. But the source of clay are not the same for making warriors and horses. and the dick was real

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Terracotta Army

Why is art so important in China?

Chinese people love painting because its fun, it makes them feel alive, it is rather ancient or modern. It is practiced in China or by Chinese artists or performers.

Terracotta Army

How many terracotta warriors are in the terracotta army?

There are 7,500 terra cotta warriors, but only 2,00 have been unearthed.

Terracotta Army

What is the importance of the Terracotta Army discovery?

Though their master has left them long ago, they keep telling the story about the powerfulness of a dynasty once they belonged to, just like a lasting reminder of their glorious past.

Besides these clay warriors and horses which reveal the arts and crafts attainments of Qin Dynasty, there are many swords, daggers, billhooks, spears, halberds, axes, crossbow triggers, and arrowheads found in the pits. These fine bronze weapons represent the highly developed metallurgical techniques at that time. Also, from the formation of the army, we can obtain knowledge on military science of ancient China.

Terracotta Army

Why were the Terracotta Warriors built in Xian why not Beijing?

The capital of Qin dynasty was Xianyang (咸阳) and the tomb of Shi Huangdi guarded by Terracotta Warriors (兵马俑) was built there. At that time, Beijing's location was called Ji (蓟), one of Qin's county governments. Nowadays, the ruin of ancient Xianyang is located in the southwest of today's Xi'an(西安). So we usually relate Xi'an and Terracotta Warriors together.

Terracotta Army

Why are the Terracotta Soldiers wearing those clothes?

Those soldiers who wearing clothes without armour protection were called Si Shi (死士) in Chinese, that means they were the bravest and didn't fear death at all. Their battle position were at the foremost of the entire troop as a spearhead to attack enemies. In accordance with the law of Qin Dynasty, soldiers' contribution was measured by the number of enemy heads brought back. The eager for battle merits made them charge valorously and the extra agility gained from light equipments became the key to win honor and wealth in the "death race".


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