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There have been reports that Japan launched several mini-subs toward Pearl Harbor.
In fact, one was sunk just before the air attack began. But to answer your question, the attack on Pearl Harbor was mainly by air.

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Why didnt the Japanese invade Hawaii during the attack on Pearl Harbor?

The attack on Pearl Harbor was an invasion, from the air, by the Japanese.

What were the air planes at Pearl Harbor?

The attack planes at pearl harbor were Curtiss P-40 Warhawks

What branches of the military were involved in the attack on Pearl Harbor?

Pearl Harbor was attacked by the combined efforts of air and sea military units.

How many air crafts carriers were sunk during Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor?

None. Unfortunately, for the Japanese, there were no aircraft carriers docked at Pearl Harbor at the time of the attack.

How many air crafts were lost in Pearl Harbor?

Japanese lost 29 aircraft on the attack on pearl harbor The Americans lost 188 aircraft on the ground and in the air.

What forms of attack and defense were used in the bombing of pearl harbor?

Discounting naval operations; air attack and air defense.

What boats tried to attack Pearl Harbor?

The Japanese used mini-submarines. Very small submarines housing only a few men. The attack on Pearl Harbor itself was mostly an air raid. There were five mini subs that launched in total. It is believed that only two actually entered the harbor and that only one released a torpedo.

What were the major air battles in World War 2?

The Battle of Britain was. The attack on Pearl Harbor was A arial attack.

Was the Japanese bombing at Pearl Harbor a genocide?

It was an air attack upon a naval base.

What type of guns were used to attack pearl harbor?

Air plane bombs and torpedoes were

Where did Japan attack US during Pearl Harbor?

The US Navy base at Pearl Harbor on Ford Island and the Army Air Base at Wheeler Field.

What season did the Japanese launch the air attack on peal harbor?

The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, late in autumn.

How did the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor change the way war at sea was fought?

The Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor was the first aerial assault on a fleet. This attack resulted in an increase of duties for the air battalions. In addition, it showed the importance of aircraft carriers.

What was the first country to enter a war with air attack?

Japan at Pearl Harbor on December 7 1944

How many Japanese planes were shot down during the attack on Pearl Harbor?

During the attack on Pearl Harbor 29 of 360 Japanese planes were shot down. Only a few US planes made it in the air, so most Japanese planes were shot down by the sailors on the vessels in the harbor. The Japanese lost nine aircraft in the first attack wave and twenty in the second.

How long after Pearl Harbor was it until the United States engaged in combat with Japan?

During the Pearl Harbor attack, ground forces and the ships in the harbor under attack, returned fire on the Japanese.Several Army Air Corps and Naval planes took to the air and intensely, heroically battled the Japanese planes.The answer to your question is ... Immediately.

Which Japanese attack method was more secretive on Pearl Harbor?

Both the Air and undersea attack were secretive. Both of the attacks were discovered before the attack began , but only the undersea attack was foiled. The air attack was blown off as a group of B-17s due in from the United States mainland when the air attack formation was picked up on radar.

Why was the attack on Pearl Harbor successful?

And it was Sunday morning. We'd never been attacked at that time. The attack on Pearl Harbor was succsesful because there was a skeleton crew on all the boats being attacked. Further the entirety of the Air Craft carriers were out to sea.

How did the attack on Pearl Harbor start?

With Japanese planes flying in from out of nowhere and dropping bombs. Michael Montagne In my opinion the attack on Pearl Harbor began with a US Crusier sinkin a small Japanese sub at the entrance of the Harbor. This notice of a Japanese sub being so close came to late to Pearl Harbor commanders that we were not able to be prepared for the devastating air attack that was on its way. Submitted by Mark Webb St. Louis, Missouri

Was the US Air Force at Pearl Harbor?

No, back then it was the Army Aircore. The base name was Hickam Field. (Now Hickam Air Force Base.) During the war in the Pacific, Hickam had B-17c's. Many were lost in the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Who was attack during Pearl Harbor?

during pearl harbor, the Japanese were attacking American battleships with their Japanese air force. the air fighters were dropping bombs, using machine guns, and crashing themselves into American ships, also known as kamikaze.

Was Japan successful in attacking Pearl Harbor?

They achieved their short term objective Given the final outcome, they probably wish they had not done it.

Who was involved in the Pearl Harbor attack by Japan?

The imperial Japanese air force and navy under command of general Tojo

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