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Was the constitution written on hemp paper?

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No, the final copies are written on parchment paper (animal skin).

It was rumored to be drafted on Dutch hemp paper, however, according to, it was more likely to have been made from flax or linen.

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It is believed that some drafts of the U.S. Constitution were written on hemp paper, but some may have also be written on parchment paper.

The U.S. Constitution was drafted on hemp paper, and the final draft was written on animal parchment.

Nope sorry parchment paper BUT!!! THE DRAFTS OF CONSTITUTION BILL OF RIGHTS AND ONE MORE WERE ALL ON HEMP. "herb the gift is from the earth and whats from the earth is the Greatest worth"

I believe it was written on hemp paper, to my knowledge.

Alot to many to list a few thousand or so. The first Constitution was written on hemp paper.

Yes, paper can be made of many different fibers, wood, cotton, hemp, cloth, and recycled paper. So paper made from hemp can be recycled.

The US Constitution was written on such a large paper for a few reasons. It was a very important document.

i assume you mean what is the male marijuana plant and that is hemp, it does not have the phsychoactive chemicals that get a user high and was widely used for paper clothing and many other products before the marijuana prohibition, also the decleration of independance was written on hemp paper

In 1776, the Declaration of Independence was drafted on hemp paper.

The US Constitution was written on parchment paper. Parchment is made from either calfskin, sheepskin or goatskin, although I could not find the exact makeup of the US constitution.

Our Independence was written paper made of Hemp aka Marijuana. Cannabis during those times were the #1 source of plant that made over 25,000 products such as clothing, shampoo, paper etc... Hemp was and still is eco-friendly to the society of this great planet.This answer is only partially true, the original document was written on hemp. However the one that was signed is on parchment which is made from animal skin. The main reason for this is that parchment of this type will last much longer then any kind of paper.

The United States Constitution in written on parchment paper. Parchment is made from treated animal skin, which is usually sheep skin.

Yes of course. You can make over 50,000 products out of hemp

Yes, the United States of America does have a constitution written down on paper. It was ratified in 1789.

ParchmentThe Declaration of Independence is written on vellum parchment, which is made from sheepskin and written in Iron Gall Ink. HempMany supporters of the legalization of marijuana often mistakenly say that the Declaration of Independence is written on hemp but they are only partially correct.The original drafts of The Declaration of Independence were written on paper material made from Hemp which is, yes, the same plant as marijuana.The majority of paper at the time was made from a combination of hemp and flax as well as the occasional use of a verity of recycled cloth fibers.The final document which is housed in the National Archives was treated as any other important historical document at the time and indeed even to day would be. After the final product was approved (which happened to be on hemp paper) it was then transferred to a fine Vellum parchment made of sheepskin which was the practice for any significant document for well over a millennium.

1 ton of hemp weighs 1 ton. 1 ton of paper weighs 1 ton.

Edmund Quincy has written: 'A treatise of hemp-husbandry' -- subject(s): Hemp

no, the declaration of independence is written on parchment which is dried animal skin. However, the first 2 copies/drafts were written on cannabis hemp paper. Source: and

with a pen and ink on a piece of paper

Clothing, ropes, jewelry, paper etc.

Yes. If at least industrial hemp (cannabis) is legalized, hemp can provide a great alternate source for many of today's, separate and more costly, raw materials.Hemp can be used to make: Textiles (like cotton), Paper (like the what The Constitution was written on), Food products (like soybeans), and even Biomass fuels.Hemp is all grown fast and quite easily. In addition it can be grown nearly anywhere around the United States.Of course, switching to hemp and creating an effective system of producing all these products will be costly, and most importantly against the wishes of the already-powerful-companies that do not want hemp as a competitor.

Actually it was not paper but animal skin.... Most likely lamb... dried and stretched, wetted and stretched more... then dried again. we made the cases that now contain the "charters of Freedom". that's the declaration, constitution and the bill of rights. The original document was written on hemp, but the one that was signed was written on parchment or dried animal skin

It was written on hemp. The same plant marijuana is cultivated from. In fact, in colonial times most farmers grew hemp. It was used to make paper, rope, clothing, sails, ect. George Washington grew the crop at his Mt. Vernon Plantation and Benjamin Franklin even owed a hemp paper mill. It was mainly for the fact that hemp was so cost effective and widely used that capitalist lobbyist lobbied to outlaw the plant; so the newspaper bigwigs who owned timber fields could profit from the sales of their wood paper. re:Legalize it.

The Federalist Papers were a series of newspaper articles written in support of the ratification of the Constitution.

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