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It can be said that there are multiple causes as to why World War II started but one of them would be the Treaty of Versailles that was imposed on Germany by the League of Nations (LoN).

The establishment of the United Nations emerged in 1945 as one of the many effects of World War II. After the world has seen devastating damage of the two world wars and seeing the LoN as inefficient and incapable of enforcing its resolutions and sanctions, the world clearly needed a new international organ. The LoN formally dissolved in April 1946 and transferred its missions to the UN to maintain international peace and security.

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Q: Was the establishment of the United Nations a cause or an effect of World War 2?
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What world situation preceded and led to the creation and establishment of the United Nations?


Leader of the United Nations after world war 2?

The united nations was created after world war 2

How is the United Nations organized?

by all the nations in the world

After world war 2 the united nations was formed in attempt to maintain world peace the united nations provides?

After world war 2, the United Nations was formed in attempt to maintain world peace, and the United Nations provides peace keepers in areas of conflict.

Circumstances surrounding the establishment of united nations?

1. Fear of death and destruction. 2. The most terryfying weapons. 3. Failure of the league of Nations. 4. Building a Durable Structure of Peace and Security in the World.

What is the United Nations and what did it do?

The United Nations is a world wide community that has many countries that are represented in it and they solve world problems.

What body has responsibility for world peace?

The body that has the responsibility for keeping world peace is the United Nations. Most of the nations of the world gather together to talk about global issues that effect everyone and do their best to maintain peace in the world.

What is the birth of United Nations?

United Nations established in 1945 after the World War 2.

Why do you celebrate United Nations day?

we celebrate united nations so we can keep world peace and to honor when the continets joined united nations.

What is one important international organization that was formed after World War?

The League of Nations was formed after World War I and the United Nations after World War II, replacing the League of Nations. On A+LS its United nations

What was the purpose of establishing the United Nations?

The united nations was established for the purpose of bringing world peace.

What are the aims of united nation?

The United Nations is similar to the failed League of Nations. Its aims are to achieve world peace and cooperation among all the world's nations.

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