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Founded in 1945 after the second world war, the United Nations is the police of the world. Their goals include international security, social progress, equality in human rights, and world peace.

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History of the United States
Decade - 1960s
United Nations

Who was the Secretary general of UN during the 1960's?

U Thant!

Jobs & Education
United Nations
Youth Organizations

What does the UN symbol mean?

it's a map of the world and a wreath that consists of branches from an olive tree, symbolizing peace.

US Presidents
United Nations

How much does Ban-Ki Moon earn in one year?

The Secretary General's salary is $227,253. This amount is determined by the General Assembly.

He also receives a budget for personal entertainment as well as free housing and security protection?

To compare, George H.W. Bush earned nearly $400,000 as President of the US.

Holidays and Traditions
United Nations
Slogans and Mottos

What are the best Slogan for human rights day?

Treat others like urself.

United Nations

Why did Tuvalu join the UN?

Tuvalu joined the United Nations on 5/9/2000. In his speech at the flag raising ceremony at the UN, Prime Minister Ionatana Ionatana said that Tuvalu would benefit from the UN's education and development programs.

International Government
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United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)

What are the aims and objectives unicef?

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Acronyms & Abbreviations
United Nations

What does ECOSOC stand for?

ECOSOC is a council and stands for:

Economic and Social Council

Germany in WW2
United Nations

Which nation became the 8th member of saarc in 2007?


US in WW2
United Nations

Does council member get capitalized?

I believe it should be written "Council member".

The term "Security Council" is always capitalized, and as Council is just a contraction of that, it should remain capitalized. However, on a quick scan of the UN website, the 'member' is not capitalized.

However, "Council Member" is probably acceptable.

United Nations

What kind of tree is on the UN flag?

Olive Branches are on the UN flag.

United Nations

Where does UN general assembly meet?

In it's Head Quarters

Bible Prophecy
United Nations
Charities and Non-Profits
Knights Templar

Who is Mark Borrington GCKT?

Grand Master of the Grand Commandery of Knights Templar. A modern day Templar group.

United Nations

What is an example of an acrostic for united nation?

There are a few examples of an acrostic for United Nation. The most common example would be Washington D.C. Parks and recreational facilities.

United Nations

Who is the current chairman of united nation?

john shingles

United Nations

What is the significance of the UN P5 plus 1?

The US is surrounding Iran to deliver it to China to settle the trade deficit.

I started tracking this when the "anvil" of the attack - NATO forces on the Afghanistan border of Waziristan (Pakistan) were vacant for Pakistan's premiere assault on the Taliban.

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The BBC World News broadcasts are in chronological order - not topical.

United Nations

Why and how was the United Nations established?

The idea of creation of United Nations arose up in the second world war-time (1939-1945 years). Leaders of the world countries, which by joint efforts laboured for completion of war, realized the sharp necessity of creation of mechanism which would allow to provide the world and shut out wars in the future. They understood that it is possible only in case that entire countries will act together within the framework of worldwide organization. Such organization was become by United Nations.

Environmental Issues
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How could depleting a country's natural resources affect international peace and security?

For example if you have less amount of oil in your country or say less amount of coal....Where will you get it from? From other countries or it will be smuggled by people (smuggling is common in most countries)so that they earn extra income from the smuggled oil.This in turn affects the international peace and security by hampering the internal peace of that country. All this conflicts cause problems and result in wars

United Nations

How many members make up the United Nations?

As of 2011, there are 192 nations participating in the UN, including all sovereign state in the world

United Nations

Whereis the Headquarter of SAARC nations?

Kathmandu, Nepal

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United Nations

How many permanent members does security council?

There are five permanent members in the UN: Britain, China, Russia, France, and the USA.

United Nations

What is the UN payment dues status for Cuba?

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United Nations

Is UN a supranational organization?

Yes, the UN can be seen as supranational. For example its 5 veto-powered member states in the Security Council.

However, the General Assembly could arguable be looked upon as intergovernmental.

US in WW2
United Nations

What can the UN Security Council do to stop conflict?

The UN Security Council has the mandate of ensuring international peace and security.

They have several tools to do this. The SC can:-

  • Authorize military action
  • Authorize economic sanctions
  • Refer a dispute to the ICJ
United Nations
United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)

What do you think uNicef is?

UNICEF is a United Nations organization whose objective is to help the children of the world, who need the assistance of those nations and peoples who can help them to live decent lives and to grow up to be educated healthy adults. I think UNICEF is one of the better agencies on the planet and I support and advocate for UNICEF. Helping the children of the world helps all of us earthlings and our planet.


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