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Was the south justified in its cause of rebellion?


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No, it had a binding contract as a part of the US.


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Bacon's rebellion was justified. He thought that the government was not protecting him and everyone else from the Powhatan's and also indentured servants were not getting the land they were promised in their contract as a servant for someone for a certain amount of years.

Many feel that Shay's Rebellion was justified. This was the colonists' way of taking a pro-active approach to lowering taxes that they felt to be unfair. Without representation in the British Parliament this was one way the colonists had to fight back.

It was a South Carolina slave rebellion in 1739.

The cause of the whiskey rebellion was a result of a new sin tax placed on whiskey.

In my opinion, no. 55 innocent people were murdered based on a "vision" Turner had.

Shays Rebellion was caused by foreclosures on farmers properties.

Shays's rebellion is significant because he started a rebellion at the wrong time and this could have cause a collapse in government

It justified the right to revolt against a government, that no longer guaranteed the man's natural and inalienable rights

the main cause of shays rebellion was that the uprising of farmers to protest high taxes and heavy debt became known as shay's rebellion. this was written by michelle read heart the end

the cause and effect of the rebbelion was bad people

old major did, cause it was his idea to have the rebellion but he died before it was carried out.

He apparently felt it was completely justified by the way the English king treated the colonies.

sam sharpe started the rebellion after the rumors of other slaves being emancipated.

The Stono Rebellion in 1791 was a slave revolt. The cause was basically that the slaves wanted to be free.

The Governor of New South Wales at the time of the Rum Rebellion was William Bligh.

The Rum Rebellion occurred in Sydney, New South Wales, during its early colonial years.

A slave rebellion in the colony of South carolina

the answer is yes, otherwise the american revelotion would have been an act of terrorism

No. It was the Northern aboltionists who did. The South reacted with horror. It confirmed their worst fears about the prospect of a nationwide slave rebellion.

Major cause is the Peasants can not endure oppression from ruling class

South Africa chose to implement affirmative action so as to make the labor market all-inclusive. This was justified as it tried to eliminate cases of discrimination in the employment sector.

They felt it justified their suspicion of the Abolitionists - that they were planning violent revolution all over the South.

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