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Yes, A German U-Boat sunk The Lusitania, eventually causing The United States to join the war, I'd say that's a huge impact.

Undoubtedly. The submarine came of age in World War 1, but its success was less than it could have been because admirals preferred to fight with massive fleets of surface ships. Navies had submarines in earlier wars (late 1800's, early 1900's), but they were held out of action. In World War 1, the submarine proved itself a warship that could no longer be ignored. As evidence that submarines were not taken seriously before the war, no anti-submarine weapons were invented until after submarines began sinking enemy ships.
The most famous submarines of WWI were the German U-Boats (U standing for Untersee, the German word for underwater)

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Q: Was the submarine effective in World War I?
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