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Yes, A German U-Boat sunk The Lusitania, eventually causing The United States to join the war, I'd say that's a huge impact.

Undoubtedly. The submarine came of age in World War 1, but its success was less than it could have been because admirals preferred to fight with massive fleets of surface ships. Navies had submarines in earlier wars (late 1800's, early 1900's), but they were held out of action. In World War 1, the submarine proved itself a warship that could no longer be ignored. As evidence that submarines were not taken seriously before the war, no anti-submarine weapons were invented until after submarines began sinking enemy ships.
The most famous submarines of WWI were the German U-Boats (U standing for Untersee, the German word for underwater)

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Is a U-boat a submarine?

A U-boat was a submarine used by Germany in World War 1 and World War 2.

Submarine in World War I?


When was United States Submarine Operations in World War II created?

United States Submarine Operations in World War II was created in 1949.

What was living conditions like on a submarine World War 1?

Ask the submarine. The King

How many pages does United States Submarine Operations in World War II have?

United States Submarine Operations in World War II has 577 pages.

Which weapon turned World War 1 into a global war?

The submarine.

When was the first submarine designed?

World War 1

Did the submarine help turn World War 1 into a global war?


What was the amazing turtle?

It was a submarine in world war 1 or 2

What did the crew do on the submarine in World War 1?

they copied there butts

What was the strongest submarine in World War 2?

u boat

Who invented the submarine in ww1?

The first submarine wasn't invented in World War 1 but was invented in 1773 in the Revolutionary War by David Bushnell. It was called the Turtle.

Did the US captured the U 505 submarine?

Yes. The Chicagoans(or the United States Navy) have captured the World War two German submarine and it was brought into Chicago in the year 1956 but now that kind of real World War two combat submarine is for display.

Germanyhope that there submarine warfare and Attacks would lead to?

Germany's submarine warfare was unrestricted. These attacks led to World War I.

What was the average speed of a submarine in world war 1?

5 mph

What was the name of the German Submarine in world war one?

The Dumbo Ship

What was the German submarine called during World War 1?


Submarine detection device used in World War 2?


What is the name for a German submarine during World War 2?


The underwater vessels first used in world war 1?

the submarine

What role did Submarine Warfare have in regards to World War 1 and the US entering war?

A submarine sunk the liner 'Lusitania'. Many Americans died. USA was horrified, declared war on Germany.

What country had the largest submarine fleet during World War 1?

it wass Germany i pretty sure but i cloud be wrong but take my word for it. __ When the war started in 1914, England had the largest submarine fleet in the world.

Why did the submarine became an important part of ww1?

submarine are important because it help alot of people doring world war 1.

How many US submarines sank in World War 1?

Only one US submarine sank in World War One.

How did the submarine change society?

Submarines changed war. They played a big part of World War I and II.