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Was there a TSB about a wiring harness rubbing through on a 2001 Grand Prix?


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2005-01-06 18:44:02
2005-01-06 18:44:02

check for tsb p1404 may be a 'false' dtc - pcm may need to be recalibrated check the dealer


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When making changes to a car it is important to have a diagram of the area. The wiring harness diagram to a Pontiac Grand Am can be found in its maintenance manual.

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If it doesn't have a trailer plug, it does not have a factory trailer harness.

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Yes and no. As long as the motor is the same, the harness should be the same.

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You should never have to replace the wiring harness, and if you do get a professional to do it. Now if you are talking about the wiring harness for a after market head unit, then you just buy an adapter. AND ALWAYS DISCONNECT THE NEGATIVE BATTERY CABLE WHEN MESSING WITH YOUR CARS ELECTRICAL SYSTEM.

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