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Yes. The 5.9-6.1 Wittier quake in Oct, 1987.

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Q: Was there a major earthquake in Los Angeles in 1987?
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When did Los Angeles 1987 earthquake happen?

april 18th 9999

What is the duration of The Great Los Angeles Earthquake?

The duration of The Great Los Angeles Earthquake is 3 hours.

What city lost The use of 11 major roadways in a 1994 earthquake?

Los Angeles

When was The Great Los Angeles Earthquake created?

The Great Los Angeles Earthquake was created on 1990-11-11.

What US city lost the use of 11 major roadways in a 1994 earthquake?

Los Angeles

When does California have an earthquake?

The first strong earthquake listed in earthquake annals for California occurred in the Los Angeles, California in 1769. The major earthquake affecting California were in between 1769 and 1989.

How did Los Angeles earthquake happen?

hello how are you?

A famous earthquake in US?

The famous Northridge earthquake in Los,Angeles CA.

What were the aftershocks after the Los Angeles earthquake in 1994?


What is the major landforms in Los Angeles California?

landforms in los angeles

Why did the earthquake in los angeles happen?

the two tetonic plates collided and made a earthquake

How strong was Los Angeles earthquake 1994?

it was 6-7 magnituoe

What is Los Angeles's major economic activities?

What were the major economic activities of Los Angeles

What are some major events that happened in Los Angeles?

Northridge EarthQuake (others but dont remember the names Watts Riots Rodey King beatings ( and LA Riots) MAjor Fires

What city got leveled in the 1974 disaster epic Earthquake?

Los Angeles

What is a major city in the west?

Los Angeles

If one day California experiences a major earthquake will Los Angeles sink to the bottom of the ocean?

The area known as Los Angeles may one day become submerged, but it won't be any time soon, and it won't be due to a single incident involving one earthquake. The geologic events leading up to a submersion by earthquake would be stretched out over many thousands or millions of years.

Where is the most polluted area?

Los Angeles Los Angeles Los Angeles Los Angeles Los Angeles Los Angeles

Why is the Los Angeles basketball team named the Dodgers?

The NBA team in Los Angeles, CA is called the Los Angeles Lakers. The Major League Baseball team is called the Dodgers.

What are names of major league baseball team that starts with L?

· Los Angeles Angels (MLB) · Los Angeles Dodgers (MLB)

How do you spell Los angles?

It is spelled 'Los Angeles' (major city in southern California).

Why are los angeles preparing itself for a large earthquake?

Because Los Angles is very prone to earthquakes and is right on a Tectonic Plate.

What natural process caused the Los Angeles earthquake?

The shifting of tectonic plates causes earthquakes.

Why is Los Angeles at risk of a catastrophic earthquake?

Because there are so many faults around and under it.

When was Wayne Gretzky trade to the Los Angeles Kings?

After the 1987-88 Season.