Was there an important figure in The Boston Tea Party?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Q: Was there an important figure in The Boston Tea Party?
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Did the British ever figure out who was responsible for dumping the tea in the Boston tea party?

no they didn't

What was the Boston tea party called?

the boston tea party..........

Was the Boston Tea Party important?

it was very important because it was how the king taxed the tea and tea was very important.

What did the navigation acts do?

punished Boston for the tea party

Who were important people during the Boston Tea Party?

The English

Did The Intolerable Acts lead to the Boston Tea Party?

No, the Intolerable Acts was a result of the Boston Tea Party. The Tea Act led to the Boston Tea Party

Why was the Boston Tea Party important in history?

It was important because they wanted independence.

When 300 chest of the tea were dumped into Boston harbor what was the event called?

the Boston tea party

How did colonists defy britains attempts at regulation and taxation?

Boston tea party

What event prompted the british to pass the intolerable acts?

Boston tea party

What did they Boston Tea Party have with the Boston Tea Party?

Nothing. It was a protest.

Was the Boston tea party in Boston?

ya that's why they call it ''Boston'' tea party