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Did The Intolerable Acts lead to the Boston Tea Party?


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No, the Intolerable Acts was a result of the Boston Tea Party. The Tea Act led to the Boston Tea Party

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the intolerable acts were intended to punish the Boston tea party. and lead to the Boston massacre.

Intolerable acts. After the French and Indian War the British Government decided to reap greaterbenefits from the colonies. The colonies were pressed with greater taxes without any representation in Britain. This eventually lead to the Boston Tea Party. In retaliation the British passed several punitive acts (called the Intolerable Acts) aimed at bringing the colonies back into submission of the King.

Taxation without representation, the Boston Massacre, the Stamp Act, and the Intolerable or Coercive Acts.

It angered the Americans to the point of war

the stamp act, sugar act, townshend acts, intolerable acts, navigation acts, and the tea act

lets see Boston tea party, all the acts, and stuff like that...

some events that lead up to the revolutionary war were the intolerable acts, taxation without representation, the Boston tea party, the Boston masacre (which was really a few accidental fires on a crowd of commeners from some british officers). read up on history to find out more about the revolutionary war. :)

The Boston Tea Party lead to the Revolutionary War

Samuel Adams lead the Boston Tea Party.

It started with many of the founding fathers in 1773. Started in one day and ended in the same. The Boston Tea Party was a rebellious act by Patriots, the Sons of Liberty, in 1773 to the taxes put on tea, put up by Britain as a response to debt created by the French and Indian War. They were also put into place by George Grenville, the British Prime Minister sent to "babysit" the colonies. Overall, the Boston Tea Party lead to the Intolerable Acts.

Samuel Adams was credited with leading the tea party

It lead to anger in many of the Boston citizens at the time making them outraged with British occupation and control. The Boston Tea party was simply another step on the revolution.

The Townshend Acts were duties put on paint, paper, tea, lead, and glass. This was the 'taxation without representation' issue the Colonists had with the British. These acts led to the Boston Tea Party, which in turn led to the Boston Massacre, as tension among the colonists and redcoats grew.

Paul Revere and Samuel Adams lead the Boston tea party. They also were dressed up like mohawk Indians.

It was ten years from 1774 to 1784 and angered the colonist entirely. this lead to the French and Indian war.

The outcome of the Boston massacre was that it later lead to the Revolutionary war, and then the Boston tea party.

It was led by Ryan Rodillon

no there was no such thin as freemasons

There is a lot that lead up to that but the main to is all the taxes acts and the boston massacre

tea stamp sugar intolerable acts etc. you take you pick... Add on, Navigation Acts, Quartering acts and the association of these acts with the taxation from the French Indian War that left England so endebted that they had to raise taxes everywhere.

The colonists were angry and resentful over the Townshend Acts and the Stamp Act imposed upon them by the British Parliament. They referred to them as the Intolerable Acts. On March 5, 1770, a group of colonists were taunting some of the British soldiers stationed in Boston. After being threatened verbally and having things thrown at them, the British soldiers fired into the crowd killing five people and wounding six others. This incident became known at the Boston Massacre.

The Sons of Liberty were boycotting against taxes.

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