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Was there conscription in the Vietnam War? Does Bayer make little white aspirin pills? Unless "conscription" is one of those words I've misused for nearly 60 years of living, the draft existed, in fact --overwhelmed-- the lives of all of us who were within the eligible age bracket. This is a trick question, right? A concurrent phenomenon was the fact that by official policy, reserves were NOT, repeat ***NOT*** used, for all practical purposes. And the policy was one--in my personal opinion, doesn't have to be yours--reflected the cowardice of leaders at the time--Tricky Dick Nixon, his VP forced from office with the title Convicted Felon, Spiro Agnew, etc. They didn't want to use the reserves because some folks would think this Vietnam thing...was growing and getting really serious. Which, of course, it did to the extent of killing over 58,000 of my contemporaries. Because the reserves were not used--and EVERYONE, repeat EVERYONE, with more than two working brain cells knew it--there was a RUSH by people like Georgy Bush to get into limited reserve spaces. Soon, because of the life-saving nature of getting these limited, reserve "billets," only rich people like the Bushes could get into the reserves. Not 100% in all states at all times, but to an overwhelming extent. It is particularly commendable then, that another filthy-rich, Yale, privileged fellow, John Kerry did NOT dive into the reserves but, instead, volunteered for the "brown water Navy"--widely considered some of the most dangerous duty there was. The precious value of getting in to the limited reserve safe-havens made it particularly reprehensible that Georgy didn't even live up to his contractual obligations; and, again, "we all knew...just KNEW..." in our age group, for example, that unless you had political pull, money, etc., if you failed to get to your reserve meetings, there were threats such as being shipped out to the Army in-country, in Vietnam. (On the other hand, incidentally, Kerry's joined many democrats in having back problems--i.e., lack of back bone--in our current national quagmire; but I digress.) Good luck. Keep your mind open. Talk in person with 40-50-60 year olds, asking the same question. E.g., find out the difference between American Legion members and Veterans of Foreign War; (hint: Georgy is ineligible to join the VFW.) Don't depend on our national news media any more other than Air America Radio. And support the impeachment of Georgy, Rumsfeld, et al, Georgy having now capped his reservist-turned-chicken-hawk war atrocities with negligent homicide in New Orleans. Good luck to getting this published too. I shall now rest from my typing exercise because I don't have faith that this hard truthful message will see the light of day.

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Q: Was there conscription in the Vietnam war?
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Why were people opposed to war in Vietnam?


Which war did conscription start?

For the United States the first draft (conscription) began during the U.S. Civil War. The last draft (conscription) was during the Vietnam War.

What were the problems faced by Americans in the Vietnam war?


Why was the Vietnam war so unpopular?

Military conscription.

When was conscription during the Vietnam war started?


Why was conscription introduced in the Vietnam war?

It wasn't introduced in Vietnam, it existed since WWII.

What was the conscription rate for Australia for World War 1?

Australia didn't have conscription during WWI; it was first used in the Vietnam War.

Why did the Vietnam war raise protests in America?

Military conscription.

What are the major conflicts due to the Vietnam war?

US Conscription (the US Draft) was the major conflict with the Vietnam War.

What is SOS Vietnam?

It was the Women's Anti-War Movement in Australia that was both anti Vietnam War but also anti conscription.

What were the conscription dates for the Vietnam war?

All nations, including the enemy, North Vietnam, utilized conscription; except New Zealand. New Zealand's artillerymen were volunteers. Conscription for the US was from 1945 until about 1973.

Why did America object to the Vietnam war?

Citizens objected to military conscription.

Why did Vietnam War cause soo much protest?

Military conscription.

What was the conscription age for the Vietnam war?

18-26 years old :I

What were some of the reasons they disagreed during Vietnam war?

Military conscription.

Was their conscription in south Vietnam?

YES. During the Vietnam War, both the North and the South drafted their men.

How do you find propaganda in Australia about conscription during the Vietnam war?

Contact Australian Vietnam Veterans Organization.

How many Australian men were killed in the Vietnam War due to conscription?

Approximately 600 Australian serviceman were killed in the Vietnam War.

When was conscription used in Australia during the Vietnam War?

Conscription was introduced in Australia by the Holt Government due to the National Service Act passed in 1964. This continued until 1971 when Australia pulled out of the Vietnam War.

What were the problems with the Vietnam War?

The military draft (Conscription) was the primary factor for anti-war protests.

Vietnam conscription in ausralia?

Yes, Australia drafted men during the war.

How much conscription was used in the Vietnam War?

40,000 men a month in 1968.

When has Australia used conscription?

Like the US, the last time was the Vietnam War.

What did people protest against during the Vietnam war?

Military conscription (draft).

Which countries used conscription in the Vietnam war?

During the Vietnam War, all combatants (including North Vietnam) used draftees except for the New Zealanders, they sent volunteers to South Vietnam.