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Charles Parker experimented with this gauge in the 1860's because the muzzle loading .58 caliber rifles were thought could be converted. I don't think there were ever any made for sale.


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Q: Was there ever 14 gauge muzzle loaded shotgun?
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Did browning ever make a nickel finish 12 gauge auto 5 shotgun?


Have you ever heard of a franchi 500 shotgun?

Yes, it's an Italian made gun, I think its a 12 gauge.

Was there ever a 16 gauge Remington shotgun built under a browning Patton?

Yes.The Remington model 11 auto loader shotgun which could be had in either 12 gauge or 16 gauge was made under a patent agreement with John Browning.These shotguns were made from 1911-1948.

What years did Husqvarna manufacture 10 gauge twist steel barrel shotguns?

There is no record that Husqvarna ever made a 10 ga shotgun.

Anyone ever heard a shotgun called Paris Sport?

I have a double barrel 12 gauge Paris Sport, handed down from my father.

Did Browning ever make a model A-10?

Yes, they did. My Dad owned one and it was an automatic 12 gauge capable of 5 shotgun if the plug was removed.

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You will get alot of miraculous answers for this question. I will give you the COMPLETE list of gauge sizes. It all starts with a .410. However, this is not technically a gauge. .410 is a shotgun is the only shotgun measured in caliber. 32 Gauge - Rare 24 Gauge - Rare 20 Gauge - Common 18 Gauge - Very Rare 16 Gauge - Rare 14 Gauge - Very Rare 12 Gauge - Extreemly common 11 Gauge - Very Rare 10 Gauge - Extreemly common 8 Gauge - Rare 6 Gauge - Most rare (Russian lol) Hint: If you ever see a Russian assassin with a 6 gauge, just give him your money lol

What was the largest caliber shotgun made?

The largest EVER made was a 2 gauge. It holds a 2 pound metal ball, if I remember correctly. According the gauge index, a 2 gauge shotgun would hold two half pound balls since the diameter of the shotgun tube determines the gauge, the number of balls to equal a pound going down the barrel in this case would only be two to make a pound. Whereas in a 12 gauge, it takes twelve lead balls of the barrel size to make a pound. A two pound meal ball going down the tube would make for a .5 gauge.

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Where can get you parts for a J Stevens Model 335 double barrel 12 gauge shotgun?

Try Gun Parts Corp. They have parts for nearly every gun ever made.

What is the value of a 12 gauge single shot break action Ranger Shotgun that is about 70 years old?

not much 50usd or what ever a buyer and seller can agree upon j

What is a shan dong 1st machine works 12 gauge shotgun worth?

Nat a answer but I'm wondering if you ever figured it out

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