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There is a Hall and Oates song called Everytime I Look At You with the lyrics: Everytime I see your face, I can't believe how you lied to me
so get your laundry out of my place
go and live with someone else for free

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โˆ™ 2007-06-28 23:42:46
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Q: Was there ever a song or album done by Hall Oates titled The Laundry?
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Can I hear a version of hall and oates song soldering?

The Silver Album. ("Daryl Hall & John Oates" album).

What was the first album released by Hall and Oates?

Hall and Oats are a rock duo from Philadelphia in the United States.They were famous in the 1970's and 1980's and released their first album in 1972, titled "Whole Oats".

Anyone know the Hall and Oates song titled Perkiomen?

Yes, it's on the "Past Times Behind" album and "The Philadelphia Years" album. At first I thought they were demos but now I'm told the songs were just very early recordings.

What hall and oates song or album was in the top 10 for the longest?

Probably "Maneater" and the "H 2 O" album

Where can you find Hall and Oates song Falling?

On the "Bigger Than Both of Us" album.

Did Hall and Oates do a song entitled Autumn Day?

"August Day". It from the "Along The Red Ledge" album.

Who is the wife of John Oates of Hall and Oates?


What year was the song You Make My Dreams Come True by Hall and Oates released?

The song "You Make My Dreams Come True" by Hall & Oates was released in 1981. It was a single from their album "Voices". The song reached #5 in the Billboard charts.

What group or artist sang a song in the 80's entitled one on one?

Hall and Oates and I think it was on their H20 album.

Who wrote lyrics to Hall and Oates Had I Known you better then?

John Oates.

Did Hall and Oates ever sing Baby Come Back To Me?

There's an album by Kenny G where he had various artists sing guest vocals on it and Daryl Hall sang "Baby, Come To Me". So while Hall & Oates didn't do this song as a duo, Daryl did sing it as a solo effort on this album. Now just in case you meant the song title as "Baby Come Back", that was done by Player.

Were Daryl Hall and John Oates lovers?

Are daryl ha;; and john oates lovers

Movies using Hall and Oates songs?

"Cherish" used a lot of Hall & Oates songs, but it wasn't a very good movie.

What is the sexual orientation of Darryl Hall?

Darryl Hall, of Hall & Oates, is straight.

What is the sexual orientation of Daryl Hall?

Daryl Hall, of Hall & Oates, is straight.

Who was Hall's partner in pop?

daryll hall & john oates

In the song Original Sin Inxs does Daryl Hall from Hall and Oates sing backing vocals?

Yes; and he also sang backing vocals on 'All the Voices' on the same album, 'The Swing'. Nile Rodgers (who produced the album) called him up and asked him to sing....

Hall and Oates rerecorded Lindsey Buckinghams song Think you are in Trouble but on which album?

They never recorded that song as far as I know. BTW, it's "Trouble".

Who sings Maneater?

Hall & Oates.

Drummers for Hall and Oates?

bob DelVecchio

What was the Hall and Oates hit Girl?


What did Hall and Oates say was on their list?

your kiss.

Did Hall and Oates record See you in September?


How old is Daryl Hall from Hall and Oates?

He was born on October 11, 1946.

Are Hall Oates Irish?

I know Daryl is German, not sure what else. John Oates is Italian, I think.

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