Was there ever an Apollo 18 mission?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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There were three Apollo lunar landing missions (18, 19 and 20) that were planned, but never completely funded. In particular, there was no funding available to build the additional Saturn V rockets that would have been needed. On September 2, 1970, NASA announced that those missions had been cancelled. The last Saturn V was used to launch Skylab.

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Q: Was there ever an Apollo 18 mission?
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What happened to Apollo 18 crew members?

Nothing what so ever happened to the Apollo 18 astronauts. The reason being there never ever was a Apollo 18 moon mission. Apollo 17 was the last moon mission launchedby N.A.S.A.

What was the last Apollo mission?


What was the last mission?


When was Apollo last moon mission?

The Apollo 17 was the last Apollo Moon mission, as the Missions 18-21 were cancled.

Why was Appolo 18 your last mission to the moon?

Actually it was Apollo 17 and not Apollo 18 that was the last moon landing mission of N.a.S.A.

Was the Apollo 18 cancelled?

Yes, the Apollo 18 mission was canceled. Some People refer to the Apollo Soyuz Test Project as Apollo 18, but the original plans for 18 were canceled

Are Apollo 18 astronauts still alive?

There was no Apollo 18, the final mission of the Apollo program was A17. Apollo 18 is simply an urban legend and a movie, both of which are fictional.

Did apollo 18 ever return?

No .

Did Apollo 11 go on the first mission to the moon?

Apollo 11 was the first manned mission to ever land on the moon. Apollo 8 was the first manned mission to actually travel to the moon, but they did not land.

Did Apollo 18 crew died on the moon?

The last manned mission to the moon was Apollo 17

What happen in Apollo 18?

Apollo 18 is when the government send some astrounats to check out more of space. But those astrounats did not no but the government knew there where some living creature up there. That mission killed 3 astrounants and the governor did not do anything to save them

What was the last Apollo mission to land on the moon?

The last official Apollo mission was Apollo 17. I know that there is a movie named Apollo 18 that claims that the U.S. secretly sent out another pace craft that ended up being overrun by rock animals and killing every body. But, that is not true.SO the answer to your question is that the last mission was Apollo 17(not 18, that movie is fake.).:)