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Q: Was toms mistake when testifying was saying he felt sorry for himself?
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What mistake does tom make when mr gilmer is asking to explain why he helped mayella?

The mistake that tom makes when Mr. Gilmer asked him to explain why he helped mayella was him responding by saying he felt sorry for her.

When was Saying Sorry created?

Saying Sorry was created in 2005.

Does the girl really mean it when she says sorry and will she ever learn her mistake?

no probably not :( sorry

What does it mean when somebody gives you a sorry reason?

It means they are sorry and trying to explain their mistake

What comes after saying sorry to people like the sorry day?

saying sorry dont mean any thing some times so buy them some tthing with on it saying sorry written all over it ok?

How can I recall an email sent by mistake from my yahoo account?

You can't. The message is already on its way, probably already delivered. Best you can do is to send another one saying "oops, didn't mean to send that, Sorry".

What are the consequences of not saying sorry?

let use sorry to be a good answer

Are u an idoit?

Sorry mz sis did this bz mistake.

Where people used sorry word?

if someone make a mistake

What do you do when your boyfriend breakes up with you?

If u still like him u should tel him that your sorry. You made a mistake and to give you one more chance. Or do as the saying goes "if he she comes back then he or she was yours. if not then he or she was never yours to begin with".

Act in haste repent at leisure?

Act in haste, repent at leisure means that if we act without thinking we could make a big mistake. And, if we do make a big mistake, we may have to live with being sorry for it for a long time. There are various versions of this saying. One that is famous is, marry in haste, repent in leisure.

What is 'Sorry' when translated from English to Italian?

"Sorry!" in English is Mi scusi! for a mistake and Spiacente! for not hearing something in Italian.