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Yeah, you were. You go up to the computers they have in there and enter the codes that came with your animal and you add in the information and a certificate is printed for you.

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Q: Was you supposed to get a build a bear certificate when you purchased the bear?
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Can you get any build a bear online if you have a birth certificate?

No your going to have the bear that you got with the certificate.

What are the codes for build a bear?

it is in your certificate

How do you get the birth certificate for build a bear workshop on line?

you can't buy a certificate online you have to buy a bear and get the certificate with it.

Can you redeem a build a bear certificate?

Yes. Either online at the official Build A Bear website, or at the Build A Bear Workshop.

How do you enter your bear certificate on build a bear from 2002?

Unfortunately, you can't. You have to have an animal with a code on the birth certificate.

What are the build a bear workshop codes for a bear?

a birth certificate code!

How do make your build a bear workshop online?

You can't but you can get a online build a bear by making a build a bear and printing a birth certificate and become a member and get a online build a bear

How do you make a buildabear birth certificate?

You make/get one when you 'build' a bear at any build-a-bear workshop.

How do you get the birth certificate in build a bear ville?

you cant get one ON build a bear ville you get one at the build a bear workshop in chester.hope this helps xxx

What is the code for getting a bear on Build-a-Bearville?

You need a birth certificate to get a bear.

What is a animal id and key code for Build-a-Bearville?

It is a code that you get on your build-a-bear certificate so you can play with you build a-bear online.

How do you get a build a bear animal id and keycode?

1. Go to the real Build-a-Bear Workshop and buy a Build-a-Bear. 2. Make sure you get a Birth Certificate when you buy it. 3. Your animal ID and keycode will be at the bottom of the certificate.

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